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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday from the trenches.

Howdy folks—long time no post.


Things have been…well, they’ve been. J


I started a very long and ranty post regarding Sunday shopping the other day, and decided not to post it.  I couldn’t even finish it, to be completely honest.  I am just so fed up with having to hear and talk and comment about the whole divisive issue, that I couldn’t be bothered to rehash it here.  Suffice to say, that I am opposed to it.  Vehemently opposed.  And yes, I’ll be working this Sunday.


My roomie leaves for good in mid-November, and I can hardly wait.  I mean, I want to have the rent coming in and all, but I’d prefer it if it came with some regularity.  And I’m looking forward to being able to wander my living room naked again.


Speaking of naked, the other morning I was getting up for work, and I was a bit late.  I grabbed my robe and towel to head into the bathroom…I opened my door, and as I was about to wander into the bathroom, I noticed that the light was on in there.  The door was slightly ajar; closed about 2/3 of the way.  As this is a bit unusual, I stopped in the hallway and listened.  My roomie was peeing.  WITH THE DOOR OPEN.  WHILE I WAS HOME!!!


I backed the bus back up into my room and made sure to make some noise as I was doing it, so he’d realize/be aware that I was around and indeed AWAKE.  I then heard the shower start up…so I figured it would be safe to go into the kitchen at least and make a cup of coffee--which, after the shock of nearly seeing Dom’s parts, was sorely needed.  I again stepped out of the secure little cocoon of my bedroom into the communal hallway, whereupon I glanced over my right shoulder to see that THE BATHROOM DOOR WAS STILL OPEN!!!


I hauled ass back into my room, quickly got into my uniform and grabbed my work gear, and headed out of the apartment.  I did not want to have to risk one more trip past any open doors and potential nudity.  Talk about scarring someone for life!  Once I was dressed and ready to go, I bolted for the front door, self-preservation causing me to cast nary a glance in any direction but Out.


I peed and brushed my teeth at Tim Horton’s in case you were wondering.


What else?  Hmm.  I’ve been to the gym a few times since last we spoke.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it.  Next time I fall off the wagon, remind me please, if you would?


I’ve been out a bit, but not a ton.  I went to the Old Triangle with Bill a couple of Fridays ago, and then last Thursday we went to the Celtic Corner again.  Fun times. J  This past Thursday, I went to see The Joel Plaskett Emergency at Alderney Gate as part of the Alexander Keith’s 211th Birthday bash.  I went with Lynn and Stew.  That in itself is a long story, worthy of telling.  I’ll summarize with a blasphemous anecdote…


A rather religious individual with whom I work had weaseled his way into my conversation with another associate regarding my plans for the evening.  I said, “I’m going to celebrate Alexander Keith’s 211th birthday tonight.” 


Dale said, “I hate to break it to you, but he’s dead.”


I said, “So is Jesus, but we celebrate HIS birthday every December.”


Dale said, “But Jesus is alive in your heart.”


I replied, “The spirit of Jesus may be alive in my heart, but the spirit of Alexander Keith is living in my fridge.”


Thank you.  I’ll be here all weekend.  Don’t forget to tip your waitress.


  • *snicker* that's an excellent answer.

    and i have a deeeelicious recipe for stew made with Keith's, if you're ever in the mood to "waste" a bottle of his excellent brew on some stewing beef and potatoes. i am telling you.. deeeelicious.

    oh, and happy thanksgiving.. i am thankful that you've been my friend since grade seven!

    By Blogger Christine, At Sun Oct 08, 09:13:00 am  

  • An open bathroom door (with your roomie in it) caused you to flee your home? If that's your reaction, then what did you do as a child when the closet door was left open at night?

    By Blogger Rainbow Turd, At Sun Oct 08, 09:23:00 pm  

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