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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Confessions of a madwoman.

How sad is it that I had to delete my ForumsOnly POF identity because I was wasting too much time doing absolutely nothing? I was reading posts by people I know and like, and posts by people I don't know and really can't even stand online. I created a ForumsOnly identity because I didn't want to have to be polite to people and tell them I wasn't interested. I also didn't want some people to be able to tell when I was signed in last.

I have to confess....I was also using it (just a tiny bit!) to stalk a boy I kinda have a crush on. I know. It's wrong. It's why I deleted. I just did it. I didn't even say goodbye to the very few people who DID know I had a ForumsOnly identity. Sad that I deleted for the very reason I created it in the first place.

I suck, I know. But I'm working on it. :)


In other news, I may let my friend Quinn in on the address. Not that I'm terribly interesting, but I really like him, and think that if he stuck around, his comments would be clever and snarky and just exactly the kind of thing *I* like to read.

As I said, just considering. But seriously considering.

On my next break, perhaps I'll tell you about what's been going on with Bill. Perhaps.


  • It's funny how I've read your blog now and then, and yet I've never noticed this. Ah well. You were the one who told me that I could catch up with you by reading your blogs, so I'm going through them methodically--yet quickly--because I'm a methodical bastard. And yeah, you are interesting. Deal with it.

    By Blogger Orange Juice Blues, At Thu Jan 10, 04:47:00 pm  

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