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Friday, August 18, 2006


I've been feeling more and more guilty every day about not posting.

I keep coming to Blogger, opening a blank post...then I start stalking the rest of you while I try to come up with something interesting to post about.

I'm also crazy-ass busy. But who isn't? Isn't that the entire point of life?

But the last few days? You folks have been cranking up the guilt-meter. I've had more comments and emails about posting than I even knew were reading. (well, not quite...I look at my site-meter now and again--but you get my point.)

So...a quick synopsis. And (yet another) an half-assed commitment to be more reliable. I really do FEEL better when I blog. I feel more organized mentally. I feel more in control of my emotions and my actions. I feel more well-rounded. And honestly? I know this is stupid--but I feel more intelligent. Because I get to exercise my verbal skills, I feel better about myself as an intelligent, contributing memeber of society. (Allow me this, please--the hardware world isn't known for it's over-abundance of brain surgeons and rocket scientists.)

Where to start...

Well....remember the boy (Jeff) from the Argyle? The hottie that I kept 'bumping eyes' with? We met up two Fridays ago at Reflections...I went with him and a couple of his buddies. That was...interesting. I spent most of the evening making conversation with his buddy Duane. Duane and I had a lot of laughs...Jeff was very social, and was helping his other buddy get connected to score some pot. I don't smoke it (or cigarettes for that matter) but I don't judge TOO much if other people do. (For the record, Jeff says he doesn't smoke it anymore, but did quite a lot as a teenager...Duane concurred...they've been pals longer than Christine and I, and that's saying something.)

Anyway...Duane was VERY shy, and incredibly uncomfortable being in a gay bar.* He and I had a hoot, mocking strangers right left and centre, and keeping each other occupied while the other two were repeatedly AWOL.

*Why were we in a gay bar? Good tunes, and CHEAP beer. Did I mention how cheap the beer was? $2 bottles every night until 11pm!!! Tell all your friends. Well, not the homophobes, but the rest of your friends.)

ARGH---I JUST LOST HALF MY POST. I SUCK. I REALLY HOPE I CAN FIND IT. IF NOT? Suck it up and stick with this. I'm going to bed. Perhaps I'll retype it tomorrow. But ARGH.


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