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Monday, August 07, 2006

Hold all calls! We have a winner!

Wow. I suck. But things are about to get better. (yeah, yeah...I know you're getting sick of hearing that. But tough.) it's 2:15 am, and i"m just getting home. And I should be going to sleep, but I'm blogging. So you know it's got to be good.

I just got home from the best coffee date ever with a guy that none of you have even met yet. Because I suck. (reference paragraph 1 for evidence of this)

A little background....

Some time last week...last Sunday, in fact, I went for what I thought would be my last ever coffee date from Plenty of Fish. I had already decided to stop making new contacts, and had been sending out "I've started seeing someone, but thanks for the interest" emails. It wasn't true, but it seemed kinder than..."Thanks, but HEEEELLLLS NO!"

So I'd been IMing this guy (Andrew) for a bit...but not very seriously. I wasn't focussed on the discussion, and while he seemed interesting, I had too much other crap going on to really pay too close attention to yet another boy.

I got home from walking in the park with Dan on Sunday, and Andrew messaged me. "So, are we going to go for coffee or what?" so we did. We met up at the Tim Horton's in Clayton Park--right outside my gym. We met at 9:00, so I could go to the gym first. Which I didn't...I was online reading blogs instead and couldn't be bothered.

So I had already determined that this 'date' was going to suck. His photo online was pretty fuzzy, but made him look like a punk-ass b-boy kid. I figured I'd have coffee, make some small talk, and be home in an hour. I put NO effort into getting ready. I combed my hair, but didn't style it. I wore the same shorts and t-shirt I'd had on all day. My homage to makeup? Some Blistex.

So when he walked into Tim's? And he was CUTE?! Like...really cute? I felt a little bad. But not so bad, because hell--it's just another POF freak, right?

Anyway...we drank coffee. And it was awesome. And he was funny. And he was smart. And we got along really well. And we got more tea. And then (here's the rough part) he 'needed a cigarette' we went outside and stood next to his MiniCooper. I admired it. We talked about how icky smoking is and how much I dislike it. He talked about having quit several times for a fairly long time, but eventually needing something to do with his hands. He showed me that he's got a prescription for the patch, he just hasn't started it yet.

We were standing there...he asked if I wanted to go for a drive. So we did. We drove to my house and dropped off my car, then went to the airport to watch the planes. (He's a licensed pilot, but doesn't fly.) We talked and talked.

And then he dropped a bomb on me. He said "I don't usually tell people this...particularly people I meet online...but I'm going to tell you." His dad recently won the lottery. Several million dollars. I'm like 'cool for your dad!' And so he then mentioned that his dad shared. And that he's kinda rich. I'm like..."if you don't tell people, what makes me so special that you felt you should/could tell me?" He was..."Well, it's conversation. That, and you seemed like you really wouldn't care that much." Which was a great answer. :)

I wasn't sure if it was just a line or not. He SEEMED like it was just something he was getting used to...and was trying it on for size. It would be hard to get used to suddenly being able to have whatever you wanted. And it'd be hard to be all excited, but not want to tell people for fear of how they would react and treat you. But even still, I wasn't quite sure what to think. And it really did kinda throw me for a loop.

But he was sooo nice. Our coffee hour was 3.5 hours. And it was good. I could have stayed longer, but I was tired and had to work the next morning.

That was Sunday.

Usually, there's the 3 day rule. You don't call back for a few days. You want the person to know you're interested, but not TOO interested. He called me on Monday and left a message. :)

So I called him back on Tuesday, and we made plans for Thursday. So we went and had coffee again. :) And he told me all kinds of stuff. We talked about houses, and futures, and businesses, and dogs, and kids, and where we wanted to live, and career aspirations, and Effexor, and past surgeries, and families, and ... it was Great. That was another 3.5 hours.

And then we come to my crazy, crazy weekend. I was out alllll weekend. It was fun, it was worth telling the stories, but the rest of tonight is so much more exciting to me, that you'll just have to wait. :)

So today I had to work. At about 10 to 5 I called him up to invite him to Shakespeare by the Sea with me. He was out sailing with his buddy Sheldon. So he couldn't come. I told him to call me when he got home and maybe if I was back in time we could do something.

I only had about 8 hours sleep TOTAL all weekend, so I fully intended to be in bed by 11:00 pm. And it's now 2:40 am, so that's how well my 'early to bed plan' has gone. :)

I went to the play. Much Ado About Nothing. And it was awesome. I was going to go alone, but some other random guy I've been messaging with asked if he could come, so I said sure. Company's always better than going alone. Well, not always. But. :)

I called my messages from a payphone (Still have no cell, hate them passionately, always will) and he hadn't called. It was 10:10...I was disappointed, but headed home--kinda glad I could go to bed early after all. :)

I got home, and there was a message. He'd left it at 10:30 (just a few minutes before I walked in the door) and asked me to call, and if I wanted to, we could go for coffee.

I called him, and told him how tired I was and that I needed to just go to bed. But we were chatting on the phone for like...20 minutes. So I said, "if we're going to be chatting on here, we may as well have coffee, because then I can look at you while you talk."

So he came and picked me up, and we went to DeWolfe park to chill and chat. And we did. About everything. And it was good.

A couple of oddly random things happened though...just as we were getting off the phone, he asked "do you like gold?" I was like..."The colour? Sure." He was like..."No, gold. The metal" I was confused...and didn't want to encourage him in thinking i was a golddigger, because I sure as hell ain't. I said (truthfully) that gold was okay, but that I preferred silver. He said, but what about gold? I said gold is good. But that I didn't like white gold. we had a discussion about the differences between silver and white gold. My answer being that silver was less expensive and looked nicer. :) He asked me if I liked diamonds--he's like "Everybody likes diamonds, don't they?" I was like...uh...sure. K...see you in a bit.

We were sitting drinking our coffees and chatting...he asked if I wanted to see what he'd been talking about. I said...Sure. Anyway. It was a freaking spectacular diamond tennis bracelet. I was creeped out and amazed all at once. I said, "wow, that's beautiful" and gave it back. He said "You don't want it?" I'm like.." It's lovely, but...No."

Anyway, he's apparently had it for a while...bought it for someone and never gave it to them. "I've been trying to get rid of it for a while" I'm like..."take it back to the store?" I told him that the store would quite likely remember him purchasing it, and wouldn't require his receipt. It was freaking BEAUTIFUL. I also suggested that he's got a perfectly good mother who would quite likely appreciate it. :)

It was a little....odd.

But we talked, and chatted....and things were good. We both listen to the CBC...and have the same opinions about a lot of Israel. And Lebanon. And Sunday Shopping. And child rearing. And...IMPORTANT stuff. It's good.

So we did that...I played on the slides while he smoked. Then we went and stood by the car...and he said he wanted to kiss me, but he felt really awkward. I said I'd like to kiss him too, so why was it awkward. He's so shy. (what is it with bossy old me and the shy boys?!) So I said..."so would it be less awkward if I did this and helped out?" and took him by the lapels of his jacket and pulled him into me and kissed him. :)

And MAN. It was amazing. It's been so long since I kissed someone I actually LIKE. I mean...with that fun little 'stomach churn' kinda like. And wow. We kiss well together. BOY do we kiss well together.

So...we talked some more. And laughed. While we were kissing. :) And talked...while we were kissing. And laughed. And he hugged me. And he feels sooo good. And he told me it's been 6 years since he was with someone. And I

And he asked if I'd ever picked anyone up downtown. And I was able to truthfully say no. And I asked him...and he said "twice--a loooong time ago." And I mentioned Paul...that I'd made out with him after the bar once, but that we'd known each other before. He said "I don't care if you make out with them...just so long as you don't take them home" I winked at him and said "Good, because I've gotta a date at 1:00 outside the palace to make out with some guy" and we both laughed. Then I said "...besides which, I never bring men home. I go to their place. ;)" Which we both found quite funny. Because it is funny.

He kept talking all night about 'our kids' and 'where we're going to live' and stuff...and it was funny. Except that he meant it. But not in a creepy way...just...matter of fact. We talked about kids. And about stuff that i never talk about. And it's so strange.

I told him that he nearly freaked the hell out of me when he showed me the bracelet. He said, "Really?" I said "yep, I nearly left for home." He said, "yeah...I didn't think you'd take it. Yet." I said, "Yeah, not yet. Christmas is coming." he said "Christmas?! That's a long way won't take that long." I said, "Yeah, don't hold your breath."

Anyway. I think I have a boyfriend. *laugh* And he's sweet. And he's smart. And he's a good dresser. And he's funny as hell. And on top of that...he's a really down to earth good guy who just happens to be recently rich.

What are the freaking odds?

Anyway...I came home so happy and fuzzy inside that I had to share. I've been typing for almost an hour, and I should have been asleep, because I have to be at work in only 5 hours. But I was busting a gut.

We're getting together tomorrow after work. Likely for a movie and some smooching. In fact, I"m sure there will be smooching...because as i was getting out of the car, I said "What do you want to do tomorrow?" And Andrew said..."Well...we could kiss some more?" And I said, "Well that's a given! Think of something else too. :)"

So. :) *BOUNCE* Happiness abounds.

...except that now I have to break it to a half a dozen folks that we have a winner. And I"m supposed to be a wedding date for Dan on SAturday. We'll see how that goes. Anyway...that's a pretty minor problem, I'm thinking. :)

g'night folks. :)


  • I love your stories. I think part of me is living vicariously through you (not that I need to do that sort of thing...)

    By the by, did you get your modem /router working? I happen to know (as I just had mine reinstalled over the weekend) that you can unplug and unhook your computer once it's all configured, just leaving the cable modem and your router attached and left on.


    By Blogger themikestand, At Tue Aug 08, 09:40:00 am  

  • okay, i MUST insist that i get a phonecall soon, because having a boyfriend is a telephone-worthy. its like me being pregnant (no, i'm not); i'm sure you'd prefer to hear it than read it.

    honestly? i'm mildly creeped out by the presentation of diamonds and gold on the third (?) date and the talk of family and houses. however, if you're cool with it, i will defer to your judgement.

    perhaps i'm just jealous that after dating 4 years and being married for 2 (yikes! six in total?) i've yet to get a diamond (or gold.. unless my ring counts, because it has gold IN IT but its mostly copper, iron, and something else) from bob. we're strictly a silver couple, here.

    Maybe you'll get married and have children and name your first girl "Chrissy"? I've decided.

    And Mike? Thanks for telling me how to FINALLY read this post!

    By Blogger Christine, At Wed Aug 09, 08:28:00 am  

    I'm back...

    AND WOW, what a POST I came to!!! HOLY CRAP GIRLIE!!!!

    Keep us updated ok?
    and yeah, keep us updated...ROFL

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Fri Aug 11, 09:27:00 pm  

  • Wow! Looks like I showed up just in time! Congrats, mazel tov and all that stuff...
    Pretty exciting for the first post I've read...can't wait to read more!!

    By Blogger Domestic Chicky, At Mon Aug 14, 06:39:00 pm  

  • I miss the dating excitement, reading your stories is a nice "remember when" for all those butterflies in the stomach and such.
    See you at GNI, maybe you'll have more to report???

    By Blogger Sunshine, At Tue Aug 15, 03:13:00 pm  

  • eagerly awaiting some news on your winner....hehehhehe
    guess he's keeping yeah busy eh?
    nudge, wink...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Thu Aug 17, 06:57:00 pm  

  • eagerly awaiting some news on your winner....hehehhehe
    guess he's keeping yeah busy eh?
    nudge, wink...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Thu Aug 17, 06:58:00 pm  

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