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Friday, July 28, 2006

a week of technological advancement

So..I didn't finish my story about last weekend, and here it is THIS weekend already.

So much to fill you in on...and yet not. The one thing I REALLY wanted to document for posterity was my Sunday.

Sunday, I worked at the store all day. And then I went home.

I've been chatting with a guy I met on POF. He's awesome. Really very funny. Quite clever. And 29. One day, after I'd come home from a particularly gruesome ice cream outing with a guy from FOP (Freaks on Parade), I got online and had a little rant. He laughed at me. (deservedly so)

I asked him flat out if we could just agree right then and there to be friends. Only to be friends, and to expect nothing more ever. Because he was far too cool for me to have to come home one day and figure out how to tell him "HELL NO!" -- I'd rather agree NOW to be friends, and eliminate all that pressure and expectation. He (hesitantly) said..."Sure, if that's what you want". And it was. So we did. And we continued to have amazingly fun and entertaining chats EVERY DAY on MSN.

So Sunday, after work, I saw him online. I said, "How's the packing going?" (He's desperately searching for a place to live--anybody know any place in Halifax? He's a nice guy--really funny and sweet. Seems clean--pretty quiet? Let me know!)

Since he was not enjoying it, and seemed to have a handle on it, I invited him for beer. So we met down at the Shoe Shop for drinks. And Oh My God.

What a freaking hilarious time ensued. I have seriously not had so much fun in ages. Because there was none of that 'oh my god, this is a date, what is he thinking about what I said there' business, it was just like our conversations on MSN. Irreverent, rude, and freaking funny. We each told tales of our evil FOP experiences. We laughed, and joked, and told stories...and I had a riot.

We skipped out on the bill at one place, because they ignored us for an hour and a half, and would bring us neither more beer, nor a bill, so...We left. An hour and a half is a looooong time to take up valuable patio space on a sunny day in Halifax--sans beverage. So then we left and went someplace else! *laugh*

I had a blast. He had a blast. We laughed the entire time.

Here's the rub. :) He's adorable! But he freaking smokes. And I was sooooo clear about only wanting to be friends. Which I do--because he's a freaking smoker. Anyway. :)

I had a great weekend. And we both joked about what a good time we'd had, several times online this week. Except that he's stressed because he needs a new home. So anyway. :)


So about technological advancement. I got a webcam! I actually got two...One's for my mother. :)

They were advertised in the Staples flyer this week, regular $49.95--buy one at $39.95 get one free. And while I'd never before considered needing a web-cam, I thought that for $20, it was a pretty good deal and a great gift for my mom. So I decided I'd buy one. But I went to Future Shop to look around first.

The exact same web-cam (cheapo, but okay) was regularly priced at $45.99. I hemmed, I hawed. I decided to ask if they'd match the price across the street, because heck...I was HERE and didn't really want to have to go into the pen store. (I have a pen fetish that costs me tooooooo much money.)

I took two cameras up to the computer desk, and said "hey, these are on sale at Staples...Will you match it?" And buddy said, sure, but...Hang on a sec. He looks through the flyer that starts the next day. He said, "You may just want to wait to buy them until tomorrow instead."

So the same cameras? On sale for $34.95. And then there was a $25 mail in rebate. Which makes the cameras? $10. So yeah...I bought two. :) I have to mail mom's today...It's a surprise. :) But I think she'll like it. :)

And then yesterday? Stupid impulse purchases. I'm such a moron.

I went to Staples. I bought some pens. I LOVE/hate back to school. I LOOOOOVE it...But it costs me. And it makes me yearn to be back at university...Where I belong, goddammit. I was born to be an academic. Except for all that studying, and learning, and going to class business. Other than that? Man, I belong at school FOR-EVER.

So yeah...Staples. Pens. And a wireless router. I want to be able to move my laptop around my apartment and use it wherever and whenever I like...Not having to be tethered to my bedside table or my computer desk. I want to break free!

I spent most of last night trying to make it work. Except when I was IMing Mrs.Flinger about how I couldn't get the stupid thing to work. :)

Still? Not working so much. I've managed to do nothing except add two more cables and another box-type thing to the network of cords that tethers me to the wall. I'm a technological GENIUS, I tell you.

Anyway. 4 day weekend again, with nobody to take camping!!! Tons going on though, so I'll be busy. Supposed to golf with Lynn this afternoon, and make plans with Dan (the boy from Cheers and Burlington) later. I want to go to see Grease! At the Al Fresco Film Festival tonight. It'd be fun!!! I've been trying to go for years but have never quite made it to one. So, I'm thinking tonight's the night. :)

Happy days, boys and girls. I'm hoping to update the blogroll this weekend...So pray for rain, and by Tuesday you should see several hundred new sites on the right hand wall. I visit so many cool places, you should all get to share. :)


  • So, the wireless router's still not working? you have a built-in wireless card on the laptop, or is it the kind you slide into a port (PCMCIA, if you go out for the acronyms)? Could be the combination of two brands that's getting in the way, too.

    Can you pick up signals from other wireless in the neighbourhood?

    If you've exhausted all your help options, you can email me (I'm at least in town and might be able to help by phone or something)


    By Blogger themikestand, At Fri Jul 28, 04:04:00 pm  

  • You rock, Mike :) I may take you up on it if I haven't figured this business out by Sunday!

    Thanks for the offer!

    By Blogger canadian sadie, At Fri Jul 28, 07:02:00 pm  

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