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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I've turned into a one woman travelling social machine. But I see that all coming to a screeching halt quite soon.

Heidi's back together with Rob. Tamara's firmly ensconced in her new relationship with Ben. This means my 'downtown' companions are out of commission and I'm flying solo.

Friday night I went dow nto the Deck to meet up with Dan and his buddy Todd for a drink. I fully inteded toleave and meet up with Heidi and some folks at Rob's. I had a couple of drinks, over about 3 hours. (I am a very responsible drinker--please don't think I would ever drink and drive...when in doubt? I either wait it out, or cab it home. I may just leave those details out of some stories for brevity's sake.) Then I borrrowed Dan's phone to call Heidi--I was standing on the steps of the Marriott when suddenly---"BILL!!!" came shouting out of my mouth.

So we chatted for a few--I met his friend Joe. I went back inside--Heidi was definitely NOT looking for company. I decided to stick around, so I had a couple of drinks and listened to the band. Dan's a whole lot of fun at a pub because he enjoys music and actually dances.

I went walkabout a couple of times--met Bill's friends and helped scare off his 20 year old stalker. He's so much fun--I get a real kick out of him.

At 12:30 when the band was done, Dan and Todd left. I had to wait another hour before I could, in good conscience, drive home; so I hung out with Bill and his buddies. What a hoot.

We went up to the AleHouse. Bill and I sat outside on the patio and laughed while he smoked. Mostly at other people, sometimes at each other. At 2, I went home and he went upstairs to meet his boys.

Saturday was the store pub crawl. I picked up Jayme in Sackville, and we went to Randy's place first. That was fun. The crawl itself? Lame.

We went to the Argyle. There were a total of about 20 people--including the 6 of us. Later Verge, Rachel and Jeff, and her friend Peter, arrived with some others from the store.

I made eye contact with a hot-hot boy acoss the bar while I was busy not getting served. The Argyle patio has the SLOWEST servers ever. He got the bartender to come right over to me when he got served. So I watched what he ordered...and after I got served? I bought him a drink.

I took it over to him, and said "Thanks for getting me served."

"You didn't meed to do that...I mean...You're welcome...but I have a beer?"

"Well, eventually that one will be empty, and then you'll have a spare."

We introduced ourselves, shook hands...made serious eye contact some more, and I said "Well, thanks again," and went back to my friends.

We kept bumping eyes all night.

As Rachel, Jayme, Jeff, Peter and I were getting ready to leave and head up to the was only Jeff and I standing talking. The others were peeing and smoking. Out of nowhere, I'm passed a beer. (Corona--he noticed.) I said, "uh...thanks!"

He went and stood off to our left side with his buddies. He smiled at me and cheers-ed his beer in the air at me. I did the same.

The girls came back, so everyone got drinks. Rachel's boyfriend was giving me the gears..."Where'd the beer come from? Why aren't you over there talking to him then? You should slide right over there and into that!" I was all..."I don't have to go over there. I'm working it just fine, right now. YOU may need to work that hard? but yeah...not me" I was just being all cocky...but was continuing to make eyes at the beer-boy (Jeff).

He and his buddies went up to the bar, I assumed to get more beer...but they weren't there very long.

We were finishing up, and as we were drinking, Jeff (beer-boy) came up and said, "my friends and I ware leaving, but it was really nice to meet you. I wanted to say goodbye." And shook my hand. I said the same...and kinda chuckled at him as he was leaving. He slipped me his phone number!!! Who does that?! Apparently hot-hot boys that flirt with me. It was funny. And he was cute.

Anyway--not sure what I'm going to do about it yet. I don't have TIME for another boy right now. Particularly this week. But I've experienced drought...and I'm thinking I should stockpile for a rainy day. With my luck, I'll get moved to Edmundston and be surrounded by toothless frenchmen with 4-wheelers and an unnatural and sadistic love of NASCAR. I need to spend as much time with the hot-hot Haligonians as I can while the opportunities present themselves!


There's way more, but I"m pooped and need to sleep. Big, BIG days at work this week...must be somewhat rested. Which is toooooo late for tonight! But oh well. :)


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