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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NaBloPoMo. WTF?

So too. I feel so...AOL.

Anyway. :)

Nothing exciting to post...except I just sent off a job application for a job i found in the newspaper. One for which I am very qualified. And quite likely to at least get an interview for.

It involved working on my resume. Which I have not updated in 8 years. YIKES. So yeah. I suck. And it now requires a LOT more tweaking if I ever intend to apply for anything else ever again.

The good thing to come out of this application business, is that I discussed it with my boss. And he's mentioned that I need to be patient, and that big things are coming up soon that I need to be ready for in the next couple of months. We shall see. :)

The boy. He be good. It's disturbing how cheery it makes me.

We're off to the Celtic Corner again tomorrow. It seems to be our regular Thursday night thing these days :) I'm quite keen on that, actually. I like having a regular spot, and I like having a regular date-night with Bill. Even if it's mainly for the beer. :)

I'm invited to a surprise party for Jelena on Saturday night...I invited Bill...well, told him he was invited by extension...and he said "Sounds great!" Which is nice...considering that he won't know a soul but me. And I won't know very many of them myself. What a good sport he is!

He's also helping to play host at my party on yeah. :)

Oh're ALLLLlllll invited to my house on November 11th (don't forget the date!) for a celebration party. My roomie leaves for Australia that big fest at my house :) I may get myself evicted. Here's hoping that doesn't happen before I get a new job! *laugh*

Anyway...bedtime :) Happy NaBloPoMo. :) Blogging before dishonour(myspace)! or something along those lines, anyway :)


  • Better be careful who you invite! Some of us just might show up!LOL!

    By Blogger -LGirl-, At Thu Nov 02, 11:54:00 am  

  • The more the merrier! I'm hoping for you and Mike, and Lena, and anybody else I can pull out of the woodwork. So long as you promise to not tell my folks at work how we met! I'm not ready for the bigtime yet!

    By Blogger canadian sadie, At Thu Nov 02, 06:43:00 pm  

  • i should come! bob's away that weekend anyway!

    just kidding, already planning a girls' day here..

    and my word to type was "sezxm" cool.

    By Blogger Christine, At Thu Nov 02, 07:22:00 pm  

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