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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Let them eat cake! many of you have completely opposing political views to your partner/spouse?

And if you do? How do you manage to deal with it?

I'm not talking the usual (in my experience) "I like Stephen Harper, he's a genius"--"Stephen Harper is a child chewing diabolical monster!" I'm talking "Unions are infinite good--management is unnecessary and tyrannical and managers should all be drawn and quartered."

I'm a manager.

I have issues with my partner's desire to have me and all of my kind eliminated. I have huge troubles not saying things like "They're going to hire the best person for the job. Why should it matter if they're already employed?"

He HONESTLY BELIEVES that employers should give preference to people who don't already have jobs.

He HONESTLY BELIEVES that compensation should be based on fertility and not skills.

I can just not talk about some stuff. But we're a 'discussion based couple'. It's going to come up again. I'm bound to put my foot in my mouth and say something bourgeois, like "that fucking moron wouldn't even HAVE a job if it wasn't for the stupid union--he's too stupid to tie his own shoes without his foreman's help!"

So yeah. :)

Things are amazing other than that...well, they are now. After I forced a discussion TWICE (not once, but twice) last weekend. But that's bygones :) I promised to not start anothe 'discussion' for at least a week or I'd cook him dinner -- whatever he wanted, even fish. He promised to never get out of the car again without kissing me goodbye -- or he has to give me a butt massage whenever I want it, wherever we are, for however long I say. :) He didn't seem to think his was much of a consequence, but I'm kinda looking forward to forcing a payout by hopping out of the car prematurely myself! *grin*

We went to Celtic Corner on Thursday, Maxwell's Plum on Friday, and out with his friends on Saturday to O'Carrolls. Had a BLAST. Went to the Ardmore for b-fast on Sunday. It was a great weekend...and it strongly secured my steadfast Like of this boy. :) (Except his stupid political leanings!)

I need to find a new breakfast place in Halifax though. I am NOT enamoured of the Ardmore. I love Cora's, but it's not a good 'greasy morning after' breakfast. What I want? An old-fashioned restaurant where the old-lady servers bring you coffee before you're seated, and call you 'dear' and 'hun' and serve you real fried potatoes with your crispy bacon. (Think Fred's Pancake House--if you've ever been to Fredericton, you'll know EXACTLY how amazing this place is. And if you don't? For goodness sake! Go to Fredericton and get yourself a Trucker's Breakfast! Go now!)

Know any good places?

So today I got a haircut. :) I chopped it all off again. So it's super short. And I love it. :) The roomie was shocked when he came home. I'm expecting much the same response at work tomorrow. :) I just felt like it. I got looking at photos online and on my harddrive today, and decided it was what I wanted to do. Seemed like a good thing at the time :) Although, it's supposed to be getting cold soon. Remind me in a couple of cold weeks how much I love my haircut, wouldja?

Here is an example of what it kinda looks like. Except mine's not blonde. And I LOVE IT.


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