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Thursday, April 09, 2009

You all know how it goes. The longer you don't do this, the harder it gets to do.

I sent a big post from my new toy (my crack-berry) but for some reason, the internet has ceased functioning on that toy. I need to go in and complain to someone, but a) finding the time and b) finding the energy to do so is a real challenge on most days.

I'm in the worst shape of my life, and yet I have no time in which to do anything about it. I've made a commitment to myself to purchase less crap at the store, and to give in less often to the cravings that are making me pudgy. I'm bigger than I've ever been, and while that is still not 'big' by most people's standards, it's disgustingly oblong by my own. I don't generally judge others, but Boy-oh-boy do I judge me.

I went out tonight with Billy and Brent for an early Thirstday. I had to skip last week. I couldn't imagine going three weeks without Thirstday, so I had to make sure I went out tonight. Tracey and Brent are home from Edmonton, but Trace wasn't feeling well--so even though we'd been planning the get-together for a month, she didn't come. I went anyway, even though I was imposing a little on the boys' time together. Bill said it was okay, so I can only assume that he'd actually tell me if it wasn't. It's funny, so long as I've known him...I still don't know if that's true or not. I THINK that it is...but I'm not sure. Oh well. I'm kind of glad of that, to be completely honest. I like that he'd still be concerned about my feelings.

DD and the boy-child are coming to Hali for the weekend, so they arrive tomorrow after school. Christine and her hubby are also coming to the city for some wheelchair basketball and some R&R. I'm excited to see them both, even if it's just for a few hours over the course of the weekend. I am glad to have the company of people that I love over the weekend.

Trace & Brent are heading to Mabou for some visits and festivities, and Billy's heading up there too. My feelings are a little bit hurt that I wasn't invited, but I had plans anyway and couldn't have gone. But it would have been an honour just being nominated, if you catch my drift. Anyway, bygones.

It'll be interesting having a kid around for the weekend, considering it's Easter. It'll also be interesting to see how DD reacts to me heading to church on Sunday. He hasn't yet experienced me ditching him asleep so I can head off and pray with a bunch of strangers. Likely as not, he'll find it uber-odd. I wonder if Chrissy will come with me to the home of the Anglicans, or if she'll head to the Pentecostal festivities. We shall see. :)

Anyway, I miss you guys. So I'm working on it...honest. And if I ever manage to get the crackberry fixed, I'll send you my lame-o post from traffic court last week.

Happy Wednesday--and Happy Thirstday--all at once. :)

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