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Thursday, August 26, 2010

ho hum.

Well-here we are.

I spent nearly 4 months living in an hotel in Bridgewater, (we bought a new store!) Worked myself to exhaustion putting in 70-100 hour weeks, finally came home, made some jam, and now here we are. Don't you feel well informed?

The time in B'water was exciting, challenging, and fun. It was physically exhausting, mentally draining, politically unrewarding, and financially benign. While that doesnb't begin to cover the drama and stress involved in transitioning an operating store to a new culture, computer system, and way of thinking, it'll have to do. I couldn't recall 1/2 of what happoened if I wanted to, and, quite frankly, I think I'm better off trying to forget parts of it.

The people down there though, for the record, are amazingly sweet and I <3 them.

I came home a few weeks ago. I took a week off, and as happened with my last vacation time in July, DD did too. I did not request this. I was hoping for some decompression time. It was nice anyway.

Stevie Wonder and his paramour got hitched over the August (fake)long-weekend and it was AWESOME. I'll share that story another time.

I will reiterate here, as I have said many times over the years in real life, I give GOOD GIFT. Just ask Mr. & Mrs. Wonder. :D

My beau is actively looking to purchase a home in Halifax. This has me Very conflicted, truth be told. I don't have any desire whatsoever to move in with him and his teenager, nor do I particularly want them in my space. So that leaves me feeling a bit guilty that he wants to move here to be with me, and I'm feeling cranky and resentful that their showing up this weekend means I have to cancel girl's night.

Yes. Conflicted.

I got a new phone. With interwebs! WhIch is good because my computer's got some sort of malady and won't connect to the net. I need to take it to be seen by a computer doctor or something. (I hope they're more organized, more polite, and have a better bedside manner than the doctor I saw today for my annual checkup! She was ruuuuude!)

I guess thatks it for now. My thumbs are getting tired. And so's the rest of me. G'night, Poppets. :)

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