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Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

**wow folks--this post has been sitting in the drafts folder since January 31, 2006. All but number 1 is still true. So I guess that's something! Enjoy! :) **


So I've decided to be unique this week, just like everybody else. I am doing this more so that I can have confidence in my own ability to cut and paste code than anything else. I'm planning, at some point in the future, to learn something about Blogger so I can spruce this place up. This is a beginning.

So, Thursday Thirteen, here I come. Don't hate me because I'm a copy-cat.

Thirteen Things about Canadian Sadie

1…. I'm a single, fairly attractive, (surprisingly humble) 30-something female.

2. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia but was born in Peterborough, Ontario and grew up in Port Colborne, On.

3. My best friend has a blog, and that's how I decided to start one too.

4. When I started my blog, I didn't tell anybody.

5. I got outed by accident, because I was too stupid to comment anonymously on my BF's daughter's blog.

6. Being outed as a Blogger has turned out for the better--I love having the daily contact with Chris, as well as with the other amazing bloggers to whose lives I've become addicted.

7. I hate necessary mundane life tasks like filing taxes, renewing drivers licences, and paying parking tickets. To the extent that I put them off until I am threatened with legal action.

8. Then I put them off some more.

9. I was issued a $1000 fine for failing to produce my car insurance because it was too much of a hassle to drive to the police station and show them my proof of insurance. Which I had, but couldn't find because it was in a box of stuff after I moved.

10. I am NOT independently wealthy. And doing stupid shit like #9 means that I never will be.

11. I pay all my bills automatically online, because it means I never have to be bothered to remember to do it when the invoice arrives at the house.

12. I need to marry someone who is incredibly good with money so that I don't retire as a bag lady. I want to retire as someone with a home, nice stuff, and the ability to travel.

13. I am incredibly independent and self-sufficient, but I miss having someone in my life every day to love. And if you repeat that to anyone, I'll have you killed.

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