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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am tired. Constantly so.

It seems that I can never get to sleep before midnight (or later!) and when I am up at 5 AM that's far too late. Even the mornings that I start work late I need to be up by 8 AM. It's just not enough.

Today we have big-wigs visiting. They've been coming to visit for over a month now and never showing up, so it will be nice to finally get it over with. Everyone has been working so hard to prepare for the royal visit and it's disappointing when they don't show up.

DD is coming down this weekend, and while I haven't seen him in almost a month I am slightly annoyed about it. I have no idea WHY I am annoyed by his visit-but I am.

Honestly, I've been sliding into a bit of a funk lately. I didn't notice at first, but this last week has made it more clear to me. There is still so much going on that is on the downhill side of life that it's been rather difficult to be Little Suzy Sunshine. I hope that depression is not going to become a frequent visitor in my life-I am definitely NOT a fan! :)

The dog is good. The apartment is still minute. And messy. The car is still AWOL. BUT-I have some great friends. I live in a city with public transit-however inefficient it may be. I am very securely employed. I am quite healthy. Things could be FAR worse.

The high-school BF visited back in July with his kids. It was a blast. Now, after more than 15 years of non-contact, he keeps messaging me with updates on his day, his festing, even drunken photo texts of the bonfire. It's nice to be in touch-the familiarity of an old friend was instantaneous-but I'm not sure that he's not projecting a little bit. He's recently (not sure how recent) separated, and I think that the instant familiarity may have hit him in the wrong way.

Regardless, it's nice to be in touch again. It's pretty harmless anyway, considering that I live 4 provinces and a 22 hour drive away. :). I don't always have to be responsible for other people's feelings, no matter how much I think I do! :)

The drain from the washing machine is leaking its way into my bathroom. I know this because puddles are working their way up from the sub floor and settling on top of the linoleum. This is not good and needs dealt with immediately. The bad parts-a) it's getting cold out and I don't need a 3'x6' construction zone; b) I have only the one, very tiny bathroom; c) it's not going to be a quick and easy fix. It will require removing at least one wall, likely two, and replacing the entire sub floor. I dread it-which is why I haven't mentioned It to the landlord yet, even though I've known for a couple of days. This has obviously been going on for a long while so I can't imagine that 3 more days (until I have a day off and can tidy up the apartment) will hurt too much.

Well- that's it for this morning, poppets. Too much text-typing for one morning. My thumbs are sore! :D
Happy Wednesday folks (it's nearly Thirstday!!!)

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