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Thursday, May 14, 2009


1. There's nothing like not having a computer to make you ambivalent about your sitemeter rankings.
2. People who decided to browse 10 minutes before a store closes and who continue to do so until 20 minutes after said store has closed are ignorant and selfish and should be kicked in the shins. Hard.
3. Some people in the world are just plain wonderful and make you happy just knowing they exist. Most of these people have no idea how special and rare they are. You should tell them.
4. No Thirstday this week due to my crummy schedule. That stinks.
5. I think I need to do something drastic about my current relationship and I'm a humungous coward about it. But I think it's the right thing. But I have nobody to talk that over with, and I don't want to do anything stupid. I wish I had a real keyboard so I could fill you in.
4. If you know anyone planning to buy a BlackBerry, tell them to get the curve. The full-sized Qwerty keyboard is worth any amount of extra money.
5. I'm glad the comments are working again. I miss you all.
6. A few notes:
-Sean, I hope the studio is coming along for you and that you're still enjoying being back in P'bo.
-L-girl: we should go for a walk some time. The dog would love the kids, and I'd love to see you.
-Chris, miss you.
-V, *hugs*

Happy Friday, folks. And happy long weekend to those of you fortunate enough to not work retail! :)
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  • Happy Friday to you, too! Enjoy your lonnnnng weekend. Will miss you around the 'hood' when you move (actually, I've missed you all-but-once so far, so... maybe just miss you a little more?)

    By Anonymous themikestand, At Fri May 15, 09:37:00 am  

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