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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Library stuff for locals!

Most of you will not be aware that the Atlantic Book Awards and Festival is on now, until the 18th of the month.

Why do I mention this, you ask? Well, first because I love books and authors and paper and all things innately Canadian (and so should you); but mainly because there is a really cool event on Saturday and you should know about it.

On Saturday, April 18th from 10am - 4pm at the Captain Spry Community Centre is going to be held the First Annual Free Book Bonanza.

This is a family event (translates to Bring. Kids) with book trading, a book doctor to fix up the beloved Dora adventures, and readings from some great local children's authors.

You should either go, or send someone you know so that it is as successful as it should be! Want more details? Call 479-3031. I have no idea whose number that is, but since it was on the flyer I got at the bookstore, it's probably okay for me to print it here. I hope. :)

Happy Wednesday, poppets.

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