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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Another birthday has come and gone; and I have to say that while it pales in comparison to last year, it was pretty good overall.
I worked in the AM, then after 9 hours with no lunch I left early and went home to my dog. :). It was lovely. I was planning to have a nap, but life intervened. DD came by as a semi-surprise for my birthday. It was nice of him, but it kinds cramped girls' night a little bit.
We went to II Mercato for supper, then to the Triangle for a bit. We weren't feeling it, so we headed for O'Carrolls. It was full, so we decided on an adventure and took the ferry to the Darkside and went over to the Celtic Corner for a bit. That was fun. :)
So overall, a good night. Good friends and good music.
My computer is still dead. While it's frustrating to not have it, it is really helping me accomplish more stuff around the house. It's also helped me realise exactly how little free time I actually have, considering how much of it I waste on my computer.
I've taken the dog to Point Pleasant the last two weeks and he loves it. I'm a pretty big fan myself. :). It's one of my favourite things about Halifax. I can't wait for the summer on the waterfront, Shakespeare by the Sea, the first sunny patio Saturday, or outdoor movies. So excited for summer this year!!!
I hope to get my computer back tomorrow, so then you can have a real post. I hope you're all doing well since I can't check your blogs. I miss reading you all!
Happy Tuesday!
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