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Sunday, April 19, 2009


I closed at work tonight, which always means I don't get home until 10. Tonight I stopped to pick up some groceries so I got home about 10:30.
I fed and walked the dog, fed myself, washed a load of uniforms and was beyond ready for bed. Instead of heading straight to the Land of Nod I began cooking.
You see, tomorrow after work we are having a bit of a party. Pot luck desserts and salads with prizes for the both. And I was dumb enough to sign up. To be fair, when I did there were no other names on the list so I put mine up as incentive. At least I changed my offering from pies (I will NOT stay up until 3am rolling out pastry if I work at 7!) to a Lemon Bomb Cake. I stole the recipe from DD's SIL and if it turns out half as good as hers, I'll post the recipe for you.
I also made a really pretty bow-tie pasta salad. I'll eat well tomorrow, even if I don't sleep so well tonight!
Did anybody make it to the reading day in Sprytown today? I'm wondering how it went.
Happy weekend, Poppets! :)

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