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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Today's my day off--and it was lovely so far. I accomplished more than usual, but that's not saying much! :)

I read a metric-tonne of blog posts, and in one of my favourites, I found this list. It was originally written by H.Jackson Brown, Jr. (author of Life's Little Instruction Book, among others).

I quite liked it. Enough to re-post it here--so I hope you find one or two tips that you enjoy too.

21 Suggestions for Living Wisely and Well - H.Jackson Brown, Jr.

1. Teach by example.
2. Bless each day with a generous act.
3. Never waste and opportunity to tell someone that you love them.
4. Do something every day that maintains good health.
5. Take family vacations whether you can afford them or not.
6. Stand up for your principles even if you stand alone.
7. Judge your success by the degree that you're enjoying peace, health and love.
8. Be there when people need you.
9. Be devoted to your spouse and dedicated to your children.
10. Be of service to your community and to your country.
11. Have courage when things go wrong.
12. Tell the truth.
13. Maintain your resources wisely.
14. Be satisfied, don't grumble.
15. Don't overlook life's small joys while searching for big ones.
16. Discover the power of prayer.
17. Discover the power of forgiveness.
18. Love people more than things.
19. Look for the good.
20. Search for the truth.
21. Hope for the best.

I think this is a fantastic list, and a really great reminder to be present in one's day to day life. Don't let your life be a series of things that happen to you, or around you. Be an active participant, and EXPERIENCE your life. Something we all forget to do, now and again.

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