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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Project 365

So Christine is a very talented budding photographer.  She's a budding photographer that is doing Project 365 again.  She asked on Twitter the other day who was interested in joining her.

I am no photographer, as anyone who's ever seen my photos on this blog can verify.  So I decided to do a text-based project of my own.

I know...I've never even successfully done a NABloPoMo.  I've been MIA for months on end.  And yet...I'm going to try this.  Except that I insist on success.  ;)

So we'll see what happens, and what evolves. 

I'm going to attempt this, but all the best goals are attainable.  In order to make this more attainable, I'm going to allow myself 12 days to not blog.  That's one per month, for a year.  So if I miss one through travel, sickness, pre-occupation (I *AM* getting married this summer!!!), or any other reason, I'm going to cut myself some slack, and not give up entirely.

Happy New Year, dumplings.  And I'll see you tomorrow. 


  • YAY for a blog! Have missed hearing of your adventures. So excited that you are getting married this summer. That story needs to be a blog. :)

    By Blogger Marjorie, At Tue Jan 01, 10:03:00 pm  

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