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Tuesday, January 01, 2013


half-cut.  chattin' it up with my sister.  the one i never get to talk to.  the one that makes me forget capitalization and punctuation.  I miss her sooooo much.

anyway....  you should all go visit if you want to see what's currently up with my life.

I miss blogging.  I think about it every day.  But i've never told my betrothed.  He only showed minimal interest about the wedding blog...but I'm going forward with it.  My mom and my sister visit every day.   But I'm still very secretive about the personal one.  And likely will be forever.

Nobody needs to know that DD is my betrothed.  That driving from Edmunston in the middle of the night to sit with me in the ER not only saved my sanity but won my heart.  Nobody needs to know that.  (but you...)

Truth be told, I miss this blog soooo much.  So much, that even half-cut I'm willing to backspace for capitals and punctuation.  Many of you will understand that.  Those of you that don't, I'm sorry.  Illiteracy, it is a demon.  Hopefully, one day, you will break free from those shackles that bind you and understand the joy that is words.  Words on paper.  Words on whitespace.  Just plain ol' words.

Christine was at a wedding tonight, and I got to share a few, very occasional, words with her.  It  made me happy.  Tonight has been an amazing night.  ...and I am grateful.

Poor D.  He's been told over and over again that he is getting a hare lip for Christmas this year.  


This was in the drafts folder, I apparently didn't hit enter.  Or finish the sentence :)  I did not actually buy him an Operation Smile child for Christmas, instead we sponsored a family through the Themba Development organization.  Both very good charities doing good work.  But I know the director of Themba personally, so I know 100% that the money goes where it is supposed to.  More later :)


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