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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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I just found this, and it's so freaking amazing that you need to see it now. It's a la Schoolhouse Rock...and so fun! Now, I return you to your regularly scheduled post.

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So today was my day off. Heh.

We are planning a big renovation in two of my three departments beginning in just 12 short days. The man in charge of store set-ups and store planning was in today to discuss the plans. So I went to work. I worked a short day, just under 9 hours.

It was mostly productive. However, there was a job posting announcement this morning. My old boss, Darren Fitzgerald, the manager of the Yarmouth store whose ass I bailed out--has been switched to Outside Contractor sales, and some new guy has been appointed manager. Apparently he's been with the company for almost 10 years, but he's only been an assistant manager for just over a year. Both Scott and Tim smirked when they asked if I knew him, so I'm assuming they don't think much of the fellow. I wouldn't know the guy if he backed over me with his shiny new green truck...But I'd hate him anyway.

It's made me do a lot of thinking today. I need to figure out where I stand with my career, and what I want from this company. I know that there are a zillion things that must be considered when making an appointment like this, and yet I still feel slightly jilted.

I worked in that store as an Assistant, and that may be a very convincing reason that I would not have been considered. And perhaps I was--but who's to say?

I have to get my ducks in a row, figure out what I want, and get a little more confrontational. Not "Give me a store, or else!" confrontational, but rather--"This is where I stand. This is what I would like to see happen. Do you see this happening any time in the future or not? If so, how soon might that realistically be happening?"

I'm not prepared to waste my entire life waiting for these people with their Neanderthal concepts of what women can and cannot do. I'm prepared to prove them wrong, but I need to have some assurances if they expect me to wait it out.

What's equally disconcerting though, is the fact that lately I've been feeling less productive than I would like. I used to feel that I was excellent at my job, nobody better. (Well, not very many anybodies anyway!) Lately, I've been questioning that. I have a lot of drama happening in terms of staffing issues in two of my three departments. Just being extremely short-staffed, one girl going out on 'stress-leave' (don't even get me started!), a new department manager to train, and an older department manager that's a world class pedant. (I bet you never knew that 'arsehole' was a synonym for 'pedant', did you?)

All these things combine to make me feel frazzled and question my skills. And then there's a posting announcement to make it all hit home at once. Bleh.

Happier things.

The other day, I had made a list of somewhat important Life Things that I need to do. One of these things included finding a Doctor, no matter what it took.

In my new "public transit is so cool" state of mind, I have to transfer buses in order to get home from work. So today, having missed the first transfer by mere seconds, I was waiting at the bus stop for the 80 to come by when I spotted a rather large billboard with neon lettering outside the Superstore...Announcing that they have a female doctor at the walk-in clinic that is accepting new REAL patients! So I decided that carpe diem was my watchword, and went inside. Not only do I now have a doctor--but I have an appointment for Friday afternoon! I felt very accomplished as I walked out. I didn't even miss my bus in the process. :)

Now, if only MSI will send back my new health card pronto, I'll be all set!

If you're in Halifax, and you need a doctor, Joe Howe Superstore is taking patients, and the new Dr.'s name is Mary Sidhom. Apparently, she's Egyptian. I'll let you know how I like her after Friday! :)


I had my paint re-tinted yesterday, and last night I put the first coat onto my new headboard. I love it! But the paint is Melamine paint (more durable) and it is incredibly stinky--not to mention that you have to wait 16 hours between coats for the paint to cure properly--so I have to leave the windows open while it dries. Can we say chilly? But it's nearly done, and hopefully tomorrow night after work I can hang the headboard, and my hard work and patience will be rewarded. I'll have an headboard, like a grownup! Considering I've only had a frame for the last 2.5 years, I think I'm moving quickly into my late-teen years. *snort*

Guess that's all for now, I'm exhausted and off to bed soon.


  • It is offensive to me that SuperStores offer physicians. In a country with *REAL* doctor shortages, in a country where our Original People (bob says that shouldn't be capitalized, but I think they are important enough to have it capitalized.. and he said if that is true I should use the term "aboriginal".. this is why I do not typically show him my posts.) live in horrendous conditions and do not have adequate access to medical care: those of us in populated epi-centres (or Halifax!) can go to our big-ass grocery stores and see a doctor.

    But I am happy for you.

    By Blogger Christine, At Sat Jan 21, 08:28:00 am  

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