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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Day 3--Friday at home.

So we had a great time yesterday. Celtic Corner was fun, as usual. It was nice to have Lynn there, if a bit awkward until Stew showed up.

But then it was odd when we got home. We smooched a was good. But we didn't touch while we were asleep, and we usually do. In the morning, I touched his back, and he rolled away. I know he was asleep, and you can't take it personally the things people do while they're sleeping...but that's logic. And this is my head. :)

I got past that. I thought I was good.

We chatted VERY briefly online tonight...he went afk for a bit...i assumed for supper, and the gym. Then he just dropped offline. Which my computer does if I'm away too long, so I still didn't think anything about it. I had looked up who was playing at the Triangle tonight, so I figured we'd end up there later sometime tonight.

And it's almost midnight and I'm still sitting home. IMing my boss. (THAT is another story altogether!) I phoned earlier (about 10:15) in case he was still asleep, and I didn't want him to miss the entire night. Also, because I wanted to go out.

And it sucks having all your girlfriends either paired up or knocked up. Makes it hard to find people to go out with. Because I don't want to be that clingy girl with no life of her own.

But i'm on vacation, dammit. And it's Friday night. And I wanted to go OUT.

I also wanted a phone call. I don't expect that we'll do everything together...but I'd have liked a call of some sort letting me know i WOULDN'T be seeing him.

*sigh* This isn't really a complaint, and i don't want advice or commentary so much...I'm just venting. I hate being all girly and silly about boys. It makes me feel stupid. And I hate feeling stupid.

I applied for a new job last week. I'm not sure if I told you about that or not. Perhaps I'll fill you in on the details tomorrow.

For now? I'm going to take my over-rested self to bed. Because I napped all afternoon in anticipation of going OUT tonight. *grumble*

Oh well. This too shall pass. :) At least it hasn't snowed yet today.


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