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Monday, November 06, 2006


You know...I always find vacations to be rather disappointing. Unless you GO somewhere to DO something special, it's always a bit of a let-down.

And today? I'm feeling a little bit let-down anyway. It's hard not to feel sad about the end of a relationship, no matter how 'fledgling' it was. And no matter the reason. It's still an ending, and endings are almost always a little bittersweet.

It's nice to see so many new people stopping by my little blog. It's lovely to have a bit of feedback, even if I sometimes don't want to hear it!

I did a ton of blogstalking today, and I found a bunch* of blogs that link to me, even though I had no prior clue! Hi there, Lurkers! Welcome. :) *okay, BUNCH may be overstating things a little bit, I found three...bit it's DEFINITELY a few!

I also found a ton of really great new blogs. I'm learning to love Firefox, simply because I hate the new IE7 so much. I downloaded Firefox a few days before I updated my IE. I wasn't all that keen on it, as I didn't like the way it opened up new tabs...but now? I'm loving it.

I downloaded the new IE7, understanding it was much the same as Firefox, but that it had all the old features that I loved about the old IE too.

The problem is that it did not. It is all the WORST parts of Firefox. It is everything that there is to hate about Microsoft. And because it updated all my files? I couldn't just go back to using my old-fashioned, outdated version.

So now? I'm all over the Firefox. I'm showing it the love, and it's loving me right back. I'm crazy for the multiple tabs in the same browser window. I'm loving that it lets me add stuff to my Bloglines right from the address line. I'm learning to enjoy the latest headlines and my direct Google search button. So yeah. I strongly urge you to embrace the Firefox. Be one with the Firefox.

Which leads me to the following very short story.

Buddha walks into the pizzeria and says...
...make me one with everything.


Okay, so it's not really a story so much as a really lame segue.

And I'm not even segueing (wow that's a lot of vowels!) into anything interesting. I have a lot of stuff to do this week in order to get ready for the party. The least of which is giving away about 4 cases of stuff. I gave away my old spare tires on Freecycle this week already...and strongly encourage other people to take advantage of Freecycle themselves. It's a good system for a good cause. Getting rid of stuff! Or, alternately, getting stuff!

Anyway, I think it's time for bed. I'm turning over a bit of a new leaf and trying hard to get into a routine of some sort. I want to go to bed earlier, get up while it's still morning, and possibly even accomplish some of the regular day-to-day tasks that other people seem to get done on a daily basis.

So yeah. Time for me, or some such other nonsense. The only thing I know for sure? It's time for bed.


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