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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Wednesday!

My new year, thus far, has been pretty good overall.

My Christmas at home was not nearly so horrifyingly evil as last year, and almost bordered on good. My time with my sister was amazing, I'm still in love with her boyfriend and his family, and my own parents were remarkably civil--all things considered. I didn't get to spend nearly enough time with my father, but I'm still pretty pleased with the trip overall. Christine and I did not manage too hook up (entirely my fault, not hers at all--I suck), but I still hold out hope for the summer time.

I was desperately searching for some NYEve plans on Sunday night, and began by recycling boys from the summer. I SAID I was desperate, didn't I? I went to a party at Dan's buddy Beaman's house--it was okay. I met up with Joanne and her cousin Anne at Boston Pizza just after 10 pm, and then drove to Cowie Hill for the fest. We stayed a while (I started drinking the minute we got in the door--expecting to be there for hooooouuuurrrs *do you see where this is going?*). At 12:30 Joanne started phoning to try and get a cab. Life must be horrible when you're painfully shy. was that was going to happen! And in Cowie Hill, nonetheless!

So I stopped drinking and idled for an hour telling silly stories and listening to Beaman's tales of Dan's antics when they lived in the big T-dot. We left there at 1:30--I didn't even find Dan to say goodbye as he appeared to be making some good time with Beaman's future sister-in-law and I didn't want to interrupt. :)

I was home by 2. Sad, but true.


Lynn and Stew moved into the apartment last week, and so far it has been great. Not so much for my liver, but good so far for the social existence. It's been making me feel a bit less abandoned by my old-soul of a friend Billiam. More on that later. :) (it's good, i swear!)

The night AFTER NYEve, Lynn and I got looped in the apartment. Simply by virtue of there being booze, and some time, and us being giddy. Good times.

We determined that my water cooler was in need of some adornment. Allow me to introduce you to Paco.

(Stupid photo won't load--I'll mess with it later and you'll see the post *REVISED* and know it's here.)
Tonight? I brought home his girlfriend...Cathy. She's the whore that invented wallpaper, in case any of you were wondering. I'll fill you in on that story after I check backposts to make sure I didn't already.

I'll post Cathy's photo tomorrow. Perhaps it will become a new feature for the blog. We shall see.


I set up a couple of NY resolutions...last year's worked out very well for me. I resolved to meet more interesting people--and I did-- (Hi L-girl!) I resolved to be more adventurous--and I did. I joined POF (doubts as to the success of this particular venture) but it was definitely daring. And I definitely met some interesting people as a result. I couldn't imagine not knowing Bill, or Quinn--you know how some people just fit right into your life and you can't remember them not being there? It's like that. I went to the bar BY MYSELF--TWICE. I attempted a casual, no-strings-attached, old-fashioned booty call, and it didn't go horribly awry. In fact, it went so well, I did it again! ;)

So my year of living adventurously was pretty successful, I think.

I got a new car (which was on the list!). I paid down a ton of debt, and got myself to a point where I wasn't desperately wondering where my rent was going to come from. By this August, my student loans will be paid off entirely, and also one credit card. I'll be down to my car loan, and my final credit card. Both entirely manageable. By mid 2008, I'll be completely debt-free, and hopefully be well on my way to a sizeable downpayment for some property.

2006 was the Year of Sadie. And I'm looking forward to more of the same for 2007.

My melancholy Christmas post was a good catalyst for change for me. I always get a bit funky when I'm stuck at my parents for too long, but it gives me time to think and reflect.

I really did mean what I said about becoming an Us. I want that for next year. Who am I kidding? Only myself. I'll be 36 years old in 5 months. It's not like I've got nothing but time on my side. I'd love to be a mom...and I'd love to be a wife. But first? I'd love to just be part of an US. A good, healthy, well-rounded US--that likes the US so much that we want to be a We. :)

Anyway. :) That part I'm working on strengthening my resolve for 2007 too. :)

I'm going to continue my gym-going ways, as I have been seeing results (albeit limited) and think I can see even more if I work a little bit harder.

I'm working on being more truthful in my every day life, and I'm working on getting myself a new job. Either with this company, or with a new one. And I'm hoping to take some summer-courses at the university if I happen to still be in this city at the start of the session.

I'm going to continue with my 'adventurous' ways. I'm going to continue making a point of meeting new and exciting people. And I'm going to work harder at being a more consistent blogger. And I may even work harder at picking up my pen now and again and trying to write something more substantial than that. :)

So...that's it for now. Because I'm also going to work on getting some sleep on a more consistent basis--like a normal human being!

Happy New Wednesday! (I missed you!)


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