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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I'm posting my draft from the other day, just because it's there and it's a history of what I did last week. It's not complete, and I won't be completing it. It's just There. So...yeah.

4/16/07 8 8:21 am

No, I'm not going to Hawaii. I only wish it were so.

So...two Thirstdays ago we ended up having a spontaneous party at my house after beer night. Tracey and Brent and Bill and I went out, then after Bill's buddies Damian, Shane, and Shane's brother stopped by and drank more beer. We had a good time. Friday (Good Friday) was pretty much a write off, but as I was lucky enough to not have to do anything, it was a nice afternoon.

Easter Sunday brought with it caffeine. Copious amounts. I think I'm STILL jittering from the overload!

This past Thursday, Bill went out with some folks from school, so I was on my own. I hit the corner with my Gaelic books and chatted and studied up a storm. I had a great time once I was's just such a challenge to DECIDE to go somewhere alone and then to actually GET there. Once I'm there, it's always fine, and usually fun.



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