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Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm in Love.

Today, I did the unthinkable.

I spent $4.95 on a loaf of bread at Pete's. It's from Julien's Bakery in the hydrostones in Halifax, and it's amazing. It's rosemary-olive loaf. And it's INCREDIBLE. Toasted with butter? A piece of heaven in convenient slice form.

I am soooo looking forward to breakfast.

I anticipate several attempts at replication over the next few days. I do, however, have the impression that if it doesn't turn out? It's going to be a horrifyingly evil tasting mess.

Meh. I say it's worth the effort...because Oh. My. God. So good.


  • Ha ha haaaaa! You've been tagged.

    By Blogger badgerdaddy, At Mon May 14, 09:06:00 am  

  • Bollocks, link doesn't work like that. Hold on...

    There, it's in two parts now.

    By Blogger badgerdaddy, At Mon May 14, 09:06:00 am  

  • Mmmmm Rosemary Olive Loaf.... I'll have to ask Random to bring some back at Chritmas when she comes home.

    By Blogger Arthur Dent, At Mon May 14, 10:51:00 pm  

  • I dunno, I can eat bread plain, I don't think a Rosemary Olive loaf would survive the trip (actually I know it, I live for bread).

    Besides, I thought I was supposed to bring home seafood :P

    By Blogger Random "Frequent Flyer" Dent, At Tue May 15, 03:36:00 pm  

  • "It's rosemary-olive loaf."

    That reminds me of the back in the day when the Fledgling Sparrow was little, and still in diapers, and ate sliced olives. They came out mainly whole.

    I haven't been able to eat olives since.

    By Blogger Fat Sparrow, At Tue May 15, 06:48:00 pm  

  • Ew! to the last comment...
    I think it sounds fantastic! Feel free to stop by Wpg with some of that!

    By Blogger Princess of the Universe, At Tue May 15, 08:14:00 pm  

  • Sorry, Princess, but as you had the perfect opportunity to meet us last time we were in Winnipeg (and didn't), I just think the bread that will eventually arrive on my doorstep via YWG should bypass you :P

    You may be able to redeem yourself during Track season :D

    By Blogger Arthur Dent, At Thu May 17, 03:53:00 pm  

  • I think, Arthur, that you're missing the point. She asked me to send her some, not either you OR Random. :) So she need not forgo the joy--she's got me! ;)

    By Blogger canadian sadie, At Fri May 18, 12:55:00 am  

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