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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Remote posting

So here we are on Thirstday night.  It seems that this is becoming my 'weekly update' night. 


Or not…because now?  Through the magic of TimeWarpTechnology, it's Saturday afternoon!  (Insert oohs and ahhhhs here, if you will.)


This past week has been fantastic.  Busy as all get out, but fun-fun-fun.  You may or may not recall a few months ago when I met a girl at a party and she asked me if I wanted to sail with her this summer.  And I did.  LOTS.  But I didn't know how.


Well, this week we remedied my lack of knowledge.  Or made it more glaringly apparent, whichever.  Either way, this week I was taking a Ladies' Learn-to-Sail program…and what a riot it was!


I had to miss one of the nights on the water due to the fact that I have a J-O-B—which made me very sad.  And incredibly apprehensive about last night…which was our first real raceBut what a blast we had!  It was a whole lot of fun, and I'm really looking forward to the league races throughout the rest of the summer.


This week coming is the last of my Ghaidlig classes—and that's sad too.  I'm very much looking forward to the more structured classes coming up in September, but will be sad to not have any lessons for July and August.  I hope I still remember stuff by the autumn!


Thirstday was fun this week, as it was Jug-in-Hand again at the corner…which meant a whole slew of folks from Ghaidlig class were there as well.  I drove Bill and Padraig home after, and had quite a lovely chat with Pat.  He's so in love with Katelyn it's adorable.  And causes intense envy.  Not of Pat himself, but of his situation.  He's so sure of where he wants to be down the road, and he  views it as just a matter of time before they get there.  And that's a nice thing to see.  Honestly?  It gives one hope.  And pause.  Because if it hasn't happened yet?  Yikes.  I don't know WHAT is going to happen with my own life! *grin*


My friends who were supposed to be coming with me to Stanfest bailed, which made me momentarily sad and angry.  But then Thursday I was talking to Angela and she was having a very sad day.  She got blindsidingly (yes, I made that word up) dumped and was not looking forward to the next few weekends.  So I told her to come to Stanfest with me!  And she's going to.  She's fun (when she's not whining), and she will make sure that I'm out meeting new folks as well.  All in all?  A good plan.


Tonight is Tamara's stagette.  She got engaged last month, and will be getting married some time in the next couple of weeks.  The exact date is a secret, apparently.  Either way, I have to go downtown tonight and wear a cowboy hat.  Gooooood times. (NOTSOMUCH)  But I will.  Because I'm a good sport.  And it's Tamara.  And she'd do it for me.  Not that I'd ask her to.  I'd be more likely to opt for Mickey Mouse ears, but there's no accounting for a lack of taste!  Angela's going to meet me here at the store, and come with.  Caroline's supposed to hook up with us here too…so at least there will be a couple of us heading in at once.  Then perhaps I won't have to wear the cowboy hat.  That would be pretty slick. But we shall see what transpires.


My boss has a crush on me, and I'm trying desperately to both discourage it, and pretend I don't know.  Because he's one of those people that feels it necessary to put words to everything.  And sometimes?  Sometimes crushes are better not spoken out loud.  Particularly when I've been glaringly discouraging about that sort of thing.  Sometimes?  And in some situations?  It's good to talk about stuff.  But sometimes?  It's better to just shut the hell up. 


Why, oh why, do I keep having people I'm desperately UNINTERESTED in crush on me when the boy that *I* am crushing on wants nothing to do with me?  Oh well. I'll get past that in time.  It's actually getting much better every day.  Except for the ridiculous jealousy I have now and again…that part's niggling away at me a little, and I'm not really so sure about why.  But it is.  And I'm working on it.

We're having a big visit at work this coming week.  We had the Prince Regent come to visit last week, and we did very well…but now the monarch of our company is coming himself on Wednesday to see his money in action.  I can't blame him in the slightest, I'd want to see my investments on the hoof, and make sure that the people I've entrusted with their care are doing their best.  But it makes for a heck of a lot of stress and extra work here in hardware-land.


I just read back, and it seems that a lot of things are ending just now.  Which *IS* sad, but I'm not nearly so gloomy-gus about it as it might appear.  When things end it's an opportunity for new things to start—and I could use some new things.


I am looking forward to Stanfest this weekend coming, which along with my VACATION will give me the 10 days following the royal visit to chill out and get caught up on a whole lot of personal paperwork and stuff.  It will also allow me to go through another few boxes of belongings and purge and donate a ton of excess stuff that I just don't need to own anymore.


I had put up a few posters at the Mount campus looking for a roomie, but I think that the timing is a bit off.  I'm considerably more expensive than a summer sub-let, but sooooo cheap compared to renting an apartment in September.  The problem is that I need a roomie NOW if I'm going to afford any kind of a social life this summer.  And I WANT a social-life.  My pretend-boyfriend (tee-hee!) suggested the Cabot Trail some time this summer, and if neither of us finds a for-real replacement, I hope to take him up on it.  I haven't ever really BEEN to Cape Breton in the almost 10 years that I've lived on this coast…and I'd absolutely love to.  But I needs some fund with which to do it.


The Tragically Hip are coming to town in September, which is not remarkable, in and of itself.  However, the band that is opening for them is amazing.  I got, from my incredibly generous and musically gifted brother-in-law, for Christmas a *fantastic* 2 disc live album of The Sadies.  And they are opening the show here in the 'fax.  And honestly?  If you can go? It'll be worth the price of admission. (A VERY steep $63 and change + fees and taxes!) to the races--maybe I'll post again when I get back. :)  Happy Saturday night, ladies and gents!
















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