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Friday, June 08, 2007

Remote posting

Umm….thought I sent this to the correct remote address.  Apparently I did not.  Put it in the queue behind the two that follow this one…the ones that I wrote in the middle of the night.  BLARGH! : )


** I started this post on Monday – it’s now Thirstday.  I’m pokey, what can I say?  Sorry it’s so longwinded, but what else do you expect from me?  It’s who I am.  Enjoy! **


I have had a whirlwind couple of weeks, which culminated in this past weekend. 


I had a three day weekend this weekend, and I have to say it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in ages. 


My weekend started on Thirstday, which was unremarkable, really, except that Bill drove.  Which is the second time in 3 weeks.  Which, for the record, rocks the Casbah.  I’m not used to being picked up and delivered, but I’m telling you—I could GET used to it.


I decided that I no longer have any tolerance whatsoever for Terry, and should he speak to me this week I intend to tell him to go away and leave me alone.  FOREVER.  He thinks he’s being witty, but in fact he’s just being offensively annoying.  I haven’t the patience for it any longer.  I’ve been pleasant.  I’ve been tolerant.  I haven’t even been mean.  But I’m about to start.


Friday I was invited out with Steven and Chris (Chris was in town for the weekend) but I declined.  They were heading to Chris’ sister’s place…which would have been fine, if it had been Chris issuing the invitation.  But it was Steve.  And I don’t go places I’m not expressly invited.  Also, I’m still on the ‘cutting back on time with Steve’ program, so ‘No thanks’ was the right way to go. 


I was home, and trying to decide what I was going to do.  So I went to the gym.  I hadn’t been in AAAAAGES and really needed to.  While there, I got a text from Billy inviting me out to hang with him and Damian while they played guitars.  This actually sounded like fun, even though the invite was a bit of a surprise.  So once I got home, I called him back and said ‘sure’.  He said that they were about to leave Damian’s because D’s GF had exams on Monday and wanted quiet…so they were heading to Bedford to either Finbar’s or the Roadhouse.  I figured it would be more fun with them within stumbling distance of my place than driving into town to hang out at the Triangle by myself, so I again said ‘sure’.


It was actually quite fun.  We went to Finbar’s.  I thought D’s GF was coming with, but it ended up just being the three of us.  After the pub, I got dropped home.  I realized as soon as I walked in that I should have invited them in for food.  So I texted that I had both food and beer.  They turned around.  We had a lovely evening.  D was MUCH more pleasant this time…right up until the end when his beer caught up with his mouth.  Then he was pretty rude.  He kept making comments about me and Billy.  They then went home.  Proper thing.


Saturday Billy fixed the brakes on my car.  We also replaced several extinguished light-bulbs, and he bolted my bumper back onto my car.  Doesn’t sound like much when it’s just two sentences on a piece of paper, but it reduced my stress level by miraculous amounts.  I can now schedule my annual auto inspection and have no real fear that I won’t pass.  He doesn’t seem to think it’s that big a deal, the helping with car repair stuff.  But to me--to me it’s HUGE.  I can’t afford to have it done in a shop, and I don’t know how to fix brakes on my own.  I knew what needed to be done about my bumper, but was completely unable to do it myself given the space and tools available to me.  I am perfectly capable of changing light-bulbs, even though the headlight required the complete removal of the BATTERY, but I had not done it for the last 4 months that they were burnt out!


The weather this weekend was SPECTACULAR.  It was finally the taste of Summer that we’ve been waiting for, and I was so fortunate to have it as my weekend off.


Joanna and I had planned a patio afternoon at the Split Crow, but the car repair went on a little longer than I had hoped.  I invited Billy to join us, should the mood strike, and headed for home to get cleaned up.  I didn’t get to do a whole lot of car stuff, but I did enough to get a great bit of sunburn (yeah, I’m one of those.  Melanomas be damned!) and a good bit of dirty.  I was downtown by 6 and working hard at getting caught up.


Good times ensued.  Oh my, did they ensue.


I met Jo and a friend of hers at a table filled with boys.  This is pretty much the norm for my downtown outings.  Because if the table wasn’t full of boys before I got there, we would certainly fill it up shortly thereafter.  Boys are, for the most part, much fun.


We sat and drank and chatted with a herd of boys from Sackville…one was hitched, one was engaged, and the other poor fellow was single.  All were a riot.  We were then set upon by a herd of Argentine sailors.  They were not so pleasant.  They were gropey and icky; as foreign non-English speaking sailors generally are.


I got a text at quarter past 8 saying B was heading over to meet up with us if we were still there.  I messaged back that should he be coming along, he should bring me a sweater.  He did. (I found out later that he’d been at the bridge when he got my message, and had turned around to go home and fetch it.  What a kind person!  I’d have told me to freeze.)


Anyway…Jo and I were trashed.  Good times.  Everybody else bailed, and the three of us headed to the Triangle to listen to the music.  But we ended up sitting in the Snug…which is lovely, and quite pleasant now that it’s smoke-free.  B wasn’t beveraging, and drove both Jo and I home.  AWESOME Saturday night.


And the even bester part of my weekend?  Sunday.


I got picked up at home and driven downtown to my car. (!!!!!! WTF?!!!!)  This saved me at least an hour on the bus.  And was awesome.  Then?  I went from my car to the park to walk and read my book.  I laid out on the grass for about an hour reading, then I wandered off into the woods to see what I could adventure.  I found an amazing little clearing where I sat on a rock and read for another 40 minutes or so.  I heard a noise rustling, and assumed it was a dog.  I didn’t look up but said, “Hey puppy…”  Silence.  So I then looked up to see what kind of dog it was, and was no more than 10 feet away from a doe.  She looked at me, I looked at her.  Then she high-tailed it out of there.  It was AWESOME.


I then drove out to Windsor to visit Lynn.  We walked downtown to get ice cream (Huge cone, and CHEAP like dirt).  Then we went to the Spitfire to drink beer and eat fries for a couple of hours.  What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!


So I had a fantastic weekend.


Monday sucked coming back to work, but was not a bad day overall.


Tuesday was Gaelic, which was great.  We had new people sitting in on class, so we did a lot of very basic reviewing, but it was good for the practice.  It’s funny how you get used to a certain group though, and how new people can really throw off the dynamic.


Yesterday was my day off….and I nearly killed myself at the gym.  I felt fantastic doing it though.  I fell off the gym-wagon lately, and I have really been noticing it.  Instead of hitting my goal of ‘revealable’ abs by my birthday, I think I am now worse off than ever I was before.  My mid-section is beyond the point of non-revelation, and into full-on concealment.  Good thing nobody’s been looking at my naked self lately except my naked self.


I went to Steven’s for a BBQ last night.  I had picked him up at the airport last month at midnight, so he’d promised me dinner.  Well…dinner it was!  BBQ’d pork chops, baked potatoes, sautéed asparagus spears, salad and beer.  Such a great dinner!  It reminded me that I really need to save up and get myself another BBQ soon.  I haven’t had one since the movers left mine in Yarmouth, two moves ago.  I had forgotten how amazing BBQ is, but that is no longer the case, and must soon be remedied.


Tonight is Thirstday…and one of the head Gaelic people in town is performing with his band, so I think we’re going to have company tonight.  There was an invitation e-mail sent out to the local Gaelic community to see who would go out to support them.  Should be a good time, if I can ever get out of the store in time.


So now you’re up to date…Don’t you feel enlightened?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.


I’m assuming that you’re seeing the same trend in my social life that I am…and other than my liver needing a bit of a break, I also need to be seeking out some new companions.  I’ve been really enjoying the company, but I also see the need for friends other than the one with whom I’ve been spending all my spare time.  This is a post entirely unto itself, and I’ll give it one some day soon.  Likely Friday night, as I shouldn’t be going anywhere.  I might be going somewhere, but I shouldn’t, as I work on Saturday at 6:00 am.  I’m such a glutton for punishment.  In soooo many ways.


Anyway…it’s quarter to 9 and I’ve got locking up to do before I head over to the Dark Side.  Happy Thirstday!




  • One of the reasons I love reading your blog, is that you live a REAL life, and seem to always make the best of every situation.
    You're not overtly angry or negative, but have a good time when it's warranted, and get angry and frustrated when it's not.

    Thanks for the updateon your life!

    By Blogger Princess of the Universe, At Sat Jun 09, 12:50:00 pm  

  • Aw, shucks. I yam what I yam...pokey, slow to post, and overly verbose. :) But hey...'tis life :)

    Thanks for coming by! :)

    Btw...when are you coming to NS? Seriously...I think we'd paint the town an extreme shade of crimson. DANGEROUS...that's us.

    By Blogger canadian sadie, At Sat Jun 09, 06:43:00 pm  

  • Sounds fantastic! I'll start saving my pennies- it's a long way from the prairies to the maritimes!

    By Blogger Princess of the Universe, At Sat Jun 09, 07:36:00 pm  

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