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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Today I feel very disjointed, so forgive me if my post is too.

I really don't even feel like posting, but those are the dyas that I fidn I really need to do it the most.

Today I slept until 11:30. Then, I ate breakfast (I was ravenous!) for once. After breakfast and a lovely cup of coffee, I read some blogs, and went back to bed for another two hours! I got up at 2:30 pm!!! Yeah, this being sick business has knocked me right on my ass.

So I read some more blogs, and decided that I need to get myself in gear. I decided to go to the mall for the craft boutique thingy and to visit Pete's Frootique. Pete's really is a little piece of heaven for me.

I showered, which was a challenge in and of itself for some reason. I then decided that i should get dressed up. I have a lot of nice clothes, and I really kind of miss having to get dressed up and go to the office every day. I looked really sharp (I got to wear one of my favourite outfits!) and went browsing. I bought myself some funky new earrings made locally, and a whole lot of fruit.

When I got home and was putting away my treats, I realized that I happen to have a rather large quantity of cheese on hand. I usually have a block of medium cheddar on the go. But I really haven't been eating that much cheese lately, so I'm not sure why I've been on a spree at the stores. I currently have cheese slices (these last forever and I buy them once every 6 months or so) for sandwiches. I then have havarti with jalapenos (I like this on crackers and on sandwiches). I purchased a chunk of hard parmesan the other day at the grocery, because while i dislike that grated crap they tell you is for pasta, I LOVE shaved parmesan on top of salads. I had it at a fancy restaurant once,a nd I've never been the same since. Then, today, I purchased a chunk of gruyere. I love gruyere. Shaved on soup, grated in salad, mashed into potaoes, or just in a delicious.

Wow. Lots of cheese, lots of words about cheese.

I spent an hour or so chatting with Brynn at the store on Friday. It was nice to talk to her. It reminded me how much I love my new job, and how much I hated the old one. It did remind me, however, of the things I LIKED about the old job. I enjoyed the travel, I enjoyed the meeting with people at the stores, and I really enjoyed getting dressed up for work. I also enjoyed my window cube. Nice to be so important as to warrant a window. Now, I don't even have a desk. :) I have a drawer in a filing cabinet in a storage closet*grin* But there's no price for happiness. :)

I've led a rather dull weekend. I worked close shifts both Friday and Saturday, which mean long days and longish nights.

It poured buckets of rain all day yesterday, so when I wanted to leave the store, my car didn't want to go anywhere. It did that jerky, slow, sputtering idle thing where if I put it in gear it jumps to a halt and the engine peters out. It means the engine is wet and needs to idle for a long while in order to get up enough oomph to go anywhere....but it stinks because generally when I'm wet and unhappy, I just want to go the hell home NOW...not in 15 minutes. Ah well, at least I HAVE a car, I could be a perma-public transit person and have had to stand at the bus-stop in the driving rain for that 15 minutes instead of sitting in my nice dry car.

I have nothing to say. I am going to bed. I hope to gain enough energy to make a visit to the gym this week. I'd really like to get in a bit better shape by Christmas. That's two months away--I figure that i should be able to get more muscle tone by then, and hopefully drop another 5 pounds in the process. But it will require determination. I don't know if I have any! We shall see.


  • i hear you on the cheese. grated parmasean: and by that i mean a hunk of hard cheese hand-grated as opposed to the fake-cheese-like-substance that is sold in the aisles of better grocery stores; is simply AMAZING in salads.

    mmm.. cheese.

    By Blogger Christine, At Mon Oct 17, 08:20:00 am  

  • hehehe
    cheese..... I love cheese, I wish the kids liked it more...

    gym, I hate the gym...
    fat, I hate FAT more than the gym to the gym I go!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Thu Oct 20, 07:45:00 pm  

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