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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


That's what I find my trip log to be. I will henceforth cease and desist from all expounding the tales of my past weekend. Suffice it to say that i had a great time, the best visit I think I've ever had with Heather. I met her new beau--and while he's not my cup of tea, he seems to like her and that's what really matters.

So. I found some nifty new tricks for Blogger. Did you know that you can EMAIL your posts to your blog? From any address? It's true. You have to go in and edit your settings, but it's a nifty way to post from afar. I haven't yet tried it, but I"m excited about it and one day soon, I'll be posting from work. Perhaps even tomorrow! (shh--don't tell the boss!)

The other nifty gizmo that Blogger offers, is also part of the setup. Blogger will email you every time someone posts a comment to your blog! It's nifty. I've been playing with it.

If only they would fix the spell-check command things would be fantastic. Then you might stop seeing quite so many typos in my posts. Or maybe not.

This computer is soooo slow that it is excruciating to try and edit my posts. I also type incredibly fast and tend to trip over my own fingers from time to time. This is why you will often find the letters of 'the' and 'to' and 'is' typed in reverse order. It's not that I'm dyslexic, it's that my FINGERS are.

I was checking out my blog-stat thing today too...I've been TechnoGrrrl lately. It's fun to see where all the people come from that manage to find me here! I didn't know there WAS a Douglastown, GA--let alone that someone from there would find me! *(Aside: I used to work in Douglastown, NB. It was really Miramichi--because the towns of Douglastown, Chatham, and Newcastle amalgamated--but it's a nifty coincidence anyway! [or perhaps it's no conincidence at all?])

So yeah....~~wave~~ to all of you that have found me from way over ---->there. Welcome. I sure hope something interesting happens soon, otherwise you'll find this as exciting as that website where you get to watch the coke machine at some hallway somewhere.

Tonight was a wonderful night. A night to be remarked upon, and evening of sheer joy and pleasantness. Mary-Lou and Barbara were back! They spoke to me! The gravelly tones of their CBC voices told me that while they were locked-out of their studio (cursed manager-types!), they had missed me as much as I had missed them. Welcome back, Mary-Lou. And you too, Barbara. Now don't freaking take any more stupid vacation before Christmas!! You were both gone all stupid summer prior to the strike, and now you'll want vacation because the picketing was murder on your feet. Sheesh! Suck it up! I missed you, goddarnit!


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