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Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday always comes

...right after Sunday.

Sunday was a pretty good day, in fact, this whole weekend was pretty okay overall. I didn't do anything spectacular, nor did anything particularly horrific occur.

We were all braced for an Hurricane that never showed up, and that was entertaining all on its own. Not having lived here when Hurricane Juan hit the East coast, I was a passive observer. A visitor to the aftermath. I really cannot appreciate the severity of the situation--people without power and water for several weeks at a time. But even knowing how bad things had been, I found the whole 'scurrying to get ready' and 'freaking out at the grocery store' bit to be highly entertaining.

I had left my groceries to be got on Saturday (my regularly scheduled day off for the week). Stupid move. It's like shopping at 7:00 Friday night, or just before close on the Saturday before Christmas. At least the grocery store had called in extra cashiers.

There was no BREAD, people. No BREAD. I don't know what these crazy Haligonians thought was going on...but in their state of diminished capacity, they seemed to think there was going to be a ridiculously large requirement for grain products. People went without refrigeration for weeks on end during the last storm. I get that. They had to cook on the very few neighbourhood barbeques that had not blown away. I get that too. But without power and refrigeration, how freaking long did they expect all the bread in the city to stay good?! The stuff ROTS within a matter of days. People are dumb.

There was no noticable shortage of root vegetables or beef jerky.

Anyway, after all the drama, the hype, and the crazy-ass attention showered on the weather-girl, the storm was a bust. It rained really heavily for most of Saturday evening, and late into the night. Then nothing. No really severe winds, no damage, no destruction. Quite the let-down, if you ask me.

Because of all the signs of the coming Apocalypse--I decided Sunday would be a great day to go to the gym. So I did. And I didn't die.

I only did 40 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, but at least I showed up. And got on a machine. And tomorrow I hope to do the same again. Maybe. I need to get the girl to show me how to use the new equipment, and see if I can get them to hook me up with the 'new member' free training session again. It's been over a year, and I *did* renew my membership--that should count as a new sign up. It's a brand new gym building--I could pretend to be a total putz and claim I can't figure out how to use the machines...that would be fun, and wouldn't exactly be lying, as I really *am* a total putz.

I just got notice that my 2000 taxes that I submitted last month have been reassessed with a balance owing. They don't appear to have all my receipts, so I'm going to resubmit and see if that helps. They don't have my entire income listed, let alone any of my credits. They don't have any of my RRSP contributions marked, none of my charitable stuff, and none of my provincial tax-credits accounted for. It's almost as though they lost part of my tax package. Good thing I kept copies.

This likely wouldn't have happened if I"d submitted them 5 years ago like I should have. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's why I'm CLEANING HOUSE. I'm working hard at being a better person--more organized, more timely, blah, blah, blah. So yeah. Anyway, I didn't file because I knew they owed me cash and I couldn't be bothered to figure out how much. But now they seem confused. And I need to remind them that they owe me a thousand bucks, plus my GST credit. :) Also, I could use the cash now. *grin*

I talked to my mother on Sunday, and while we were on the phone, my dad walked in. It was just a little too cozy for my liking, and I hate to see her getting jerked around. But. She's a grown woman, and while I may not like what's going on, I'm home for only 7 days a year and I hardly have any right to comment or judge. But SHEESH! What a prick he can be.

Good news on the work front, a thorn that's been in the side of everyone working at the store for the last 4 years is getting canned on Wednesday. While I feel sorry for his family-but he's such an ass, and an incompetent, nasty, vindictive, sneaky little prick--that it's really hard not to be overjoyed. We've been trying to get the company to can his ass for years but the labour laws definitely seem to be written to protect the incompetent. Finally legal says there's enough, so we're having a party. I think I may take in a cake for my store manager, because I know this has been his goal for a looooong time.

I feel bad taking joy in someone else's misfortune, but when that misfortune causes a decrease in stress, strain, and harassment filings for over 100 other people, I'd say we're supporting the greater good.

My throat has been sore every morning when I wake up for the last month or so and I'm afraid that I may have mono. One of the boys at the store had it for the last couple of months, but he's only been off work for 3 weeks. He didn't know he had it, and was powering through for a few weeks just feeling a bit 'off'. Ever since, I've been paranoid. Well, not really EVER since...but ever since my throat has been sore AND I knew Allan was sick. The two facts in combination have caused my paranoia. Until then, I thought I may have a touch of acid reflux. This, even though my digestion has always been excellent and I don't *feel* like I have bile in my mouth when I wake up...but I might rabbit, I might.

Hmm...that's it for the extraordinarily long post for today. I leave you with this website, just for kicks and giggles.


  • yours is always an excellent read. and yes, why go crazy on bread when its obviously going to rot? maybe they thought the birds might not find seeds in extraordinarily high winds and they could feast on molding pieces of white bread?


    By Blogger Christine, At Tue Sep 20, 08:39:00 am  

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