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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

ice cubes

I've decided that I love ice cubes. I never made them in my freezer before, because my experience with ice cubes has always been hit or miss. I've always enjoyed a cozy relationship with bagged ice, but the ones you make yourself have always made me a bit squeamish. It's that "Just fresh from your stinky freezer" taste that has turned me off.

I've learned though, that if you're using them up at a crazy rate (a tray an evening!) they don't have enough time to smell like freezer. The other thing I've found, is that my freezer doesn't smell. Or perhaps it's still the time factor playing a role. Either way, I've been sucking back ice cubes like nobody's business. I'm trying to drink more water, and it makes it a game if I can drink the glassful before the ice melts.

I was going to post last night, but instead I got all wrapped up in organizing my financial life. I sorted bills, filed things neatly with paperclips and folders, and worked out a strategy to pay my utilities on time and still get the credit for making huge-ass Visa payments (it's nothing spectacular, and if I don't stay on top of it, it could backfire BIG TIME).

I did, however, have time to read a few of my favourite blogs and do a little surfing. Check out this website: It's freaking hilarious. Particularly where the commenters (ors?) get their snuggies in a bind because they can't tell if it's satire or serious. (I choose to believe it's satire.)

Anyway, I'm going to be late for work if I don't get a move on.

Doh! I didin't even get to mention how exciting it was to have FOUR comments the other day!! And from different people, even! :) Thanks for visiting, ladies. :)


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