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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I'm addicted to reading blogs. I've discovered 5 or 6 new ones that I LOVE. Not just like a little bit, but love. Why is everyone in the world so much more eloquent and more well-read than I?

I started to go to bed about 2 hours ago. That's when I began to drink a pot of tea, to sweep the floor, to dust the bookshelf, and to rearrange all the furniture in my dining room. I'm so productive in the evening hours, and yet...sleep is one of my favourite activities, and I just can't freaking convince myself that bed is the place to be! Whatup with that?

So today I (note to self: stop beginning your paragraphs with 'so') bumped into Blair M. He's a sales rep from one of our suppliers. He's a good friend with an old friend from the store (Julian, in case you're keeping track), and I've been friends with Blair myself for a good 5 years or so. Blair is the consumate salesman. He's a very Dirty man, and yet incredibly charming. He's old-school sales, and believes that what happens on the road, stays on the road. Unless it makes a good story for your buddies. I enjoy Blair in a kind of 'he's just so wrong that it's perfect' kind of way. He's very bold and up front, and just says things that other people dance around. I find him refreshing, even as he's schmoozing me like nobody has ever schmoozed me before. (Because he's always 'On Stage' it's easy to be his friend--just totally disregard everything the says as being unimportant.)

So...chatting with Blair, he told me a very disturbing story about a bachelor party he attended a few weeks ago. Leading me (again!) to wonder what the fuck is up with men and their bachelor party fantasies? I just don't get it. But I don't get Bachelorette parties either. Having strange men suck lifesavers off my chest doesn't really appeal to me. Mainly because I'd feel sorry for the ugly ones and let them have a turn too...and hey, it's my party--I should be shallow if I want to.

Blair then went on to ask me probing personal questions, and offered to hook me up with a very wealthy friend of his. I declined, citing a severe case of chronic independence. Blair asked me if I was planning to ever get married and have babies. Just like that. I laughed, told him he was a bold and ignorant bastard, and then said "Nobody's ever asked me yet". Verge had walked up at this point and only caught my reply. Blair then turns to Verge and says "What are you doing for the rest of your life?" What a jackass. :) Funny, but a jackass. Poor Scott. People (me included) are always trying to hook him up with others. He's a very nice guy, with no social skills (Scott, not Blair). He likes younger women, and scares the crap out of them on the first date by asking how many kids they want and what they should name their dog. Needless to say, he's single.

Dale from the yard asked me the same question this afternoon..."Do you plan to get married and have a family?" I pointed out that he was the second person to ask me that today, and demanded to know if I looked particularly desperate this afternoon. Apparently I didn't. But I don't trust his reply, as I think I scared him with my vehemence.

As I didn't post much over the weekend -- i.e. not at are not aware of the events that transpired on Saturday. I shall now inform you.

Friday (Trust me, we need to back-track a little) I went out on the town with Lynn, Randy and Leana. We met up with Amy and Angela for Amy's going away party. After hanging with Leana and Randy at Lynn's for a couple of very enjoyable hours, we went to Amy's. That sucked. I wasn't drinking, they all were. I don't really enjoy Amy very much, and I really dislike Angela. They're just very young, and I have very little patience for narcissistic 22 year old girls. I used to be one, and I did it far more successfully than they are managing to pull off, Thank-you-very-much.

Randy and Lynn and Leana were not having fun either, so it wasn't just me being a crotchety fuss-pot (although I will confess, I'm an old bag). We finally left for the bar at 11:30. We got there about 11:45. We waited around outside for 20 minutes for Amy and Angela to show up. They didn't. We went inside.

For the record, I LOVE Pacifico. Well, really, I don't...but I loved it hella good on Friday night when I got carded. :) God bless the doorman and his obviously lovestruck eyes for not noticing that I am the aforementioned old bag. :)

We had a good time at the bar, Randy bought a couple of shooters for the girls (I as usual did not drink mine--I have a strict No Shooter policy). Flirting ensued all around. I was driving, so I only had 2 beer all night. I flirt better when I'm sober anyway--I'm much more comfortable with innuendo when I can control it, and driving the conversational bus is always fun for me. Barry showed up, so there was more than enough innuendo and verbal foreplay for any 5 human beings to stomach.

We went to Pizza Corner after, and then I drove Randy, Leana, Lynn and I home--stopping on a very circuitous route to get ice cream. No talking until 5 am with Randy this time, as I went home to sleep and get ready for work 4 hours later.

So...Saturday (I told you I'd get to it eventually) I had to work. Joanna (my favourite cashier supervisor) was working. She asked about my evening. I told her who went out, and that we'd had fun dancing and joking around despite it being for Amy's going away. (Joanna--and most other people that I actually LIKE at the storefeel the same way about Amy as do I). Joanna then made a pointed comment (all her comments are pointed--and she's VERY bold) that I should date Randy. Her exact words were "You should date Randy." I asked her why she would say that. She said "No reason" in that way that means she's obviously got one. I asked again...she indicated that she thought we'd be 'cute' together.

I indicated to her that I didn't want to be another in his long list of female mistakes. Which is true. Not to mention that he works with me, and we've seen how well that works out. (If you've forgotten--or are unaware, feel free to scroll back to the earlier evil, heart and soul-searching posts regarding my current lack of relationship.)

But I think I may protest too much. I find him entertaining--he's fun to mock, and he actually handles it quite well. I think he's a cutie--he's got that reddish-hair thing that I have always found appealing. He's also freaking built. BUT. Did I mention how much I miss being naked? BUT. BUT. BUT. BUT.

Remind me of all the BUTs when I get loaded and do something stupid, wouldja?

Anyway...that was my Saturday. Silly Joanna putting ideas in my head when I really don't need any help. Although, (and God strike me for saying this--I sound like HEATHER!!!) I could really use a date. I'd like some smooching action. I watched Hitch the other night, and they looked like they had a really delicious kiss...and I'd like one.

Remind me to tell you sometime about the perfect kiss. I can still feel it, 12 years later, I can still feel it, it was that perfect. God I love kissing when it's good. wonder I can never get to bed at a reasonable hour...I talk too much! Or type too much, I guess would be more accurate. Wonder who I am thinking other people are interested in the gory details...sheesh :) Who's the Narcissist in this family now? I wonder if I have to wrestle my dad WWF-Style in order to earn the title-belt? Good thing I perfected that figure-4 leg-lock back in grade 9.

Happy Tuesday. :)


  • When you are done thinking, ACT.

    Ask him out.

    By Blogger Christine, At Tue Aug 16, 08:30:00 am  

  • Yeah--no. I'm not interested-interested. More like...horny interested.

    I'm not interested for several reasons. The most glaring being his 2 year old child with another woman who works at my store. SOOOO not getting involved with someone at work, and so definitely not getting involved with someone else's baggage/issues/bitchy ex-girlfriend who I DO supervise.

    But it's nice to be flirted with. :)

    By Blogger canadian sadie, At Tue Aug 16, 09:59:00 am  

  • well okay, yes, that wouldn't really work, then, would it?

    could you email me? i can't get an email to go through to you, you're never home when i call, and i need to ask you something :)

    By Blogger Christine, At Wed Aug 17, 08:24:00 am  

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