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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lazy days

Day off today. It wasn't a bad day, but I'm not quite sure how I manage to waste all my days off.

I envy Christine the family that forces her to accomplish things (although she's always been a 'do-er'). I manage to idle away hours doing nothing except losing brain cells to fine, intellectual television programs like "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and re-runs of the masterful acting demonstrated by Keanu Reeves in "Point Break". (ASIDE: for those of you that didn't notice it--that was sarcasm. Keanu Reeves is not a masterful actor, and Dog the Bounty Hunter is not intellectual programming).

I was pleased with myself this evening when, although I really didn't want to move, I forced myself outdoors for a lovely walk. "You can do anything for 15 minutes," I told myself. As usual, I was correct. I had a great time once I was out, and walked for over 45 minutes along the boardwalk.

I always enjoy getting some exercise once I'm DOING it, but it's the motivation to get moving that I require help with. There's finally people posting over at the Getting Fit bulletin board, so that should help with some motivation. I actually watched half of the video that came with my exercise ball today. (I watched it today, I didn't get the ball today--sorry about the agreements issue back there). It doesn't look impossible, although it does look like it might be work. I am going to attempt to get out of bed 1/2 an hour earlier tomorrow morning so I can try the workout before I have to leave for the store. Highly unlikely it will happen, but who knows. Oh wait...that would be me; I would know. Oops. :)

I need to get more reliable about posting. If I had a life, I could see missing days and the like. But as things stand, I really have no excuse. Nothing plausible anyway. Except the truth--my brain has been sucked out by the intellect-draining leeches at Global Television. They're in cahoots with the monsters at A&E, you know.

That is all. Sit-ups for everyone! C'mon, you know you want some. I'm buying! :)


  • You know how I feel about television, but:

    The show "ROCK STAR: INXS" is like crack. Its bad, its horrible, but I just cannot stop. It makes me nostalgic for a time when they really were cool, and they really did fool us into believing they were rock stars; and not a bunch of washed-up-over-the-hill-pop-stars trying to get a new lead singer. The tag line, "Who wants to be the next lead singer of INXS?" should have resulted in millions of 2-somethings yelling "NOT ME!" The fact that it did not, is some pretty wrecked television. But I am hooked.

    By Blogger Christine, At Thu Aug 04, 08:14:00 am  

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