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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Happy Weekend!

So...Today was a beautiful sunshiney day.

I got a lot accomplished at work, but did not find the time to write up my Flooring Department Head. I'll have to do it Monday. I figured that since he was having a long weekend and getting to tell his in-laws that they were pregnant (after 2 miscarriages) that I should hold off and ruin his next week, not his this week. Look at me, Joe Considerate.

I had a good day overall. I had lunch with Dean and Lynn an interesting new perspective and some different gossip than I usually get. I'm creating a new Loop, since I managed to fall out of the other one. *grin*

Had supper with Lynn M and Heather...that was fun. We ate at the Thirsty Duck. A random strange man (a stranger, not a man who was strange) bought us roses from the flower guy. It was odd, but the flower guy was physically (and likely mentally) challenged and I think they felt sorry for him. Anyway, it was nice, because he sent them, we said thanks, and then he never approached us. It was fun hanging with both ladies. Much better than it has been in the awkwardness.

Then we went to Carlitos and had was nice and we stayed far too long. I hadn't had espresso in so long, and it was so delicious...but I'm afraid I'll never sleep tonight. We shall see.

Other than that...nothing to report. My house needs some serious love...I did the kitchen and bathroom yesterday--bleached the toilet and everything! But the dining room and the entry-way still need affection. And I can't even bear to look at the spare room where I am currently sitting. I walk in with my eyes down, sit at the computer, and then walk out in much the same way. If I don't acknowledge the CHAOS, it doesn't exist, right?

Ah well..driving range with the girls tomorrow after lunch, then Lower Deck in the afternoon/early evening. What a great way to spend the weekend. :) An expensive way to spend the weekend, but what the hell...I'm not spending as much as I would have been were I driving to Fredericton to hang with Luke...that was a freaking expensive relationship with his fast-food habit and all.

Have a fantastic weekend--any and all. :) I will be filling my life with wonderfully carbonated alcoholic calories. :) And possibly, the gym. If only in a futile attempt to aviod cleaning my apartment!!!


  • Have a great weekend! Yay for carbonated alcoholic beverages. (I plan on having a few of those myself!) And good luck making it to the gym. I broke down and cancelled my membership. It was a whole lot of wasted money...and I felt more guilty about the money than my growing butt!

    By Blogger Paige, At Sat Jul 30, 12:31:00 am  

  • *laugh* now that I have spent time (okay, 3 days) in Halifax, I scan your blog looking for locations I remember. So far, the Lower Deck has been the only one.

    I'm glad you're healing.

    By Blogger Christine, At Sun Jul 31, 09:08:00 am  

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