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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Saturday night's alright for fighting...

Whee :)

Just got home from not attending hte pub crawl. What a great time I had :) I met everyone at Pitchman's. I danced with Lynn and Julian and Verge and Leana for ages...then we went to the Palace and danced and danced. I left around 20 after 1, everyone else was still there. Verge has a thing for Amy Pot*hier really bad...why can't he get a clue and start liking girls his own age? Or at least born within the last 10 years? That might be part of his problem...he's 38 and 20 eyar old girls don't think he's hot.

I *did* look hot though. :) Which was nice, and reassuring after my evening.

I called Luke and asked him when he was planning on coming home. He was iffy and said "probably next weekend...why?" I asked him to bring my radio and my curtains with him when he came. He said that wouldn't be a problem. So I asked him if he was ready to stop being a dink and be my friend again. He said "Am I being a dink?" I said yes. Then there was silence for a minute...and he said "hello?" I said "yes?" He said "how am I being a dink?" I said "It was pretty dirty having Heather do your dirty work for you." He said "Having Heather do my dirty work?" (he didn't understand for a minute) I said "Yes, having heather do your dirty work for you." He said "Oh. Um...I'm at work, I"m not going to get into this" I said "That's fine, just bring my radio next week when you go home." ...and he hung up.


Good thing I"m too good for him :) And far hotter than she can ever hope to be.. :) So thre. :)

Oh my god, I"m so glad i went to the pub crawl. :) I had so much fun. Shame about having to work tomorrow. At least I put it off until noon! :)

Nighty-night :)


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