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Friday, July 08, 2005

the morning after the night before

So...I hardly slept. I couldn't get to sleep, and then when I did, I kept waking up. I think I got a total of about 3 hours. And my neck is sore.

I've lost so much more than enough sleep over this jackass.

And he *is* a jackass. I wonder if he's even got the decency to be ashamed of his behaviour. I doubt it. The one thing about not talking to people about stuff is that there's very little accountability for your actions.

I guess I've always known he and I were a lot alike. I guess we're more alike than I thought. I hope I'm not as much of a jackass as he is.


  • men can be assholes. it's the truth. just keep yourself in the right. hold yourself to the highest of standards. men will make excuses so be judgmental of what's the truth and what's lies. just keep a smile on and you'll eventually come across the good guy that's willing to treat you right

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Fri Oct 19, 03:33:00 am  

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