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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


So, it's Tuesday. I was supposed to work this morning at 7:00. I re-awoke at 7:30. I then showered, rushed around, called work, and said "Fuck-it, I still have time for Tim Horton's."

Today Stew and Mr.Irving came to visit...they arrived around 5 minutes to 6 tonight...stayed 1/2 an hour and then moved on. "Store looks good. Really good."

That's the summary of our visit. I came home immediately thereafter.

I've chatted with Variax, who is refinancing his house and saving big bucks in the process. Very clever fellow. One day, some girl will realize how lucky she could be and will snap him up like fat-free Smarties at a Weight Watchers convention.

I saw Gillian at the store the other day, and it was lovely to see her. She invited me to visit them in Mahone Bay for lunch one day this weekend. And as I have nothing to look forward to except more gut-kickingly goodtimes with Luke in order to repossess my worldly belongings...I said I'd love to. Which is mostly true, anyway. :)

But I'm meeting her in Mahone Bay on Sunday morning, so we can carpool to Bridgewater and attend her Mormon church service...then a barbeque after. It'll be fun, and it'll be great to actually attend a service again, as i wasn't joking when I told her I'd been "a slackerly heathen" of late. Go me.

I neeed to convince Lynn to hit the Lower Deck on Saturday afternoon with me, as I think I need an excuse to not be at home, and to drink heavily after the massacre of my emotions that I anticipate to take place some time on Saturday.

I think I'm getting sick, my throat is really sore. I woke up with it being scratchy this morning, and my glands are a bit swollen. I'm going to take some aspirin and head for bed.



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