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Monday, August 01, 2005


Quick! Somebody take my t-bird away, wouldja?

I had a great weekend...except for feeling a little um...under the weather? this morning. *grin* Entirely self-induced, and entirely well-deserved. Ah well. :)

Yesterday I met up with Heather and Lynn around lunch. We had some food at Lynn's then hit the driving range. What a hoot. Then we stopped in at the store to pick up some stuff, and came home to get ready to go out.

Had a drink at Lynn's, which I knew I likely should not, but did anyway. We didn't head down to the Lower Deck until about 6:30, but it was a fun time. We met up with some friends of Lynn's (contractor guy and his brother in law), and were fed beer in copious quantities all night long. Julian, Randy and Dario met up with us down there, and we had a hoot.

Some guy was there on his bachelor party, and I signed his ass. It amazes me the things people do just before they're about to get married. It's like they think the world as they know it is coming to an end. Realistically speaking, how likely is it that this guy EVER had girls signing his ass prior to his engagement? And if he hadn't been so drunk he could barely stand, what are the odds that a girl would ever consider doing it in the first place? More importantly--why did *I* have to be the drunken female that agreed to pick up the Sharpie and leave a little body-art behind? The why me part is easy--it was the item on his list of things to do that I found to be the least morally offensive. And God forbid that I should pass up an opportunity to do something daring in front of an audience when I've been drinking. *snort* A shy and retiring wallflower I am certainly not. Reserved under most circumstances, but...make it a dare? Ooh boy--there's trouble then.

Anyway. After we closed the place, hit Pizza Corner (a true Halifax tradition) and went home...Heather and I ended up sitting and chatting with Julian and Randy for over an hour. Then Julian went home and Heather went to bed, and I stayed up talking with Randy until 5:30 am. Bleh. No wonder i felt like crap this morning when I woke up at 8:00 am. I was sharing the couch and it was freaking lumpy. And I was not 100% comfortable sharing a fold-out bed with a guy I really don't know all that well. So. They all went out to breakfast, and I came home to sleep. :)

Hit the pool with Lynn and Heather after lunch, got some beautiful sunshine...nice tan today! I even convinced myself to get off my ass and go for a walk tonight along the Bedford basin. What a great evening. And I don't have to work tomorrow until 9:00 because it's a pseudo-holiday for us here :)

I may even trick myself into going to the gym tomorrow. I am feeling very focussed today and driven to change my body shape. I have been thinking abut it for a long time, but never seem to DO anything about it. I saw Lynn (who works out all the time and is quite muscular) in a bathing suit today though, and Heather, who has always been known as 'the scrawny one' and I felt not so bad about where I am. Heather is rounder than you would think, and Lynn is buff, but has a tummy just as bad as I KNOW that I can do something about it if I just get off my ass.

My muscle tone is good, I just have fat sitting on top of if I can just stop eating crap (should be easy considering how little $$$ I have to eat out!!!) and actually force myself to exercise (15 minutes at a time!) then I should be golden in a few months. I figure I can hit my goal weight easily by Christmas if I make some lifestyle changes. Here's hoping. I don't just want to look better, I want to look GREAT. (and feel better, and be healther, and, and, and...blah!)

Off to rescue my bedroom from the evil hold of the Laundry Demon. Have a great civic holiday, fellow Canadians. And a lovely Monday for those of you far away.


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