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Friday, August 12, 2005

Hot. Damn hot.

Today is a wonderful day. I got to leave work at a reasonable hour (6:00 pm). We had a thunderstorm as a result of the opressive humidity we've been experiencing the last week and a half. I love thunderstorms. Growing up in the Niagara Peninsula, I find it hard not to love them. We used to have so many thunder and lightening storms growing up that I have never understood people who were scared of them.

We used to sit out on my front porch and watch the lightening roll in. In fact, because of the humidity and high temperatures where I grew up, we used to have 'dry heat' storms. Those were thunder storms with no rain at all. Just sheets of lightening, and incredibly loud claps of thunder, with a fair bit of really strong gusty wind added in for good measure. What a rush. What an amazing way for God to remind us how small and inconsequential we really are. :)

An added bonus to the thunderstorm (and monster rain shower) is that the humidity has finally broken outside. It's not nearly as oppressive as it was, although the inside of the house is still sticky. Should be better tomorrow.

I actually got bad news today--distressing, anyway. Amanda, who was the office manager when I was working in our Yarmouth store, got fired. I'm not sure why yet, but I'll find out soon. I think it was stupidity, not actual theft. That's the only way you can get fired in my company--unless it's for harassment, and she wouldn't have done that. But she wouldn't have stolen stuff either. Not intentionally, anyhow. Incompetence, perhaps. Criminal intent? Not likely.'s sad for me to think about. Worse for her, I suppose.

Day off tomorrow, and I"m planning to pick up this wreck of an apartment. I'm also planning to do a major financial planning/overhaul session. Hopefully I can put a couple of these debts to rest, and focus on the longer term stuff. We shall see.

I'm a little bit scared to try and book a flight home with the price of fuel skyrocketing (get it?) these days. I'll keep you posted. Chris, I think I invited you to the driving range via your daughter. :) Trust me, it'll be a hoot. :)

That's it, off to bed before midnight! Someone call Guiness. :)


  • Yes, you did.

    And of course I'll go hit balls with you, and we can bring J&J with us, too. They both golf par three courses now. (I, instead, enjoy the day with everyone out of the house!)


    By Blogger Christine, At Fri Aug 12, 08:55:00 am  

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