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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Why I love my job...

Today was the kind of day that reminds me why I love my job. Not just my job, but doing my job in Halifax. I love my boss. In a way that is almost...unnatural. He is a funny, funny man. And very smart. And he respects me in a way that I have not experienced with any other manager in this company. Other companies, yes. This company? No.

So tonight I was a little hectic and busy at work. The other two Assistant Managers are on vacation so it was just Scott and I all day. He was going home at 5, but I didn't get to leave for my supper break until he hung out while I ate.

So..sitting in the lunchroom, eating my sandwich from Tim Horton's (delicious!)--my mood improving by the second as the nutrients entered my bloodstream--Scott's just hanging out.

Now, you have to understand this about Scott. When he's in a good mood, he likes to just Hang Out. He likes to tell stories, and hear gossip, and just be One Of The Gang. But because most of the associates don't really understand him very well, they are scared when he acts like this. I love it. Remind me to share more Scott stories later--they're hilarious.

So..somebody had dropped a bunch of old sports blooper videos, and some really crappy books in the lunchroom for people to take. There was this TERRIBLE book of poetry sitting on the table. It was filled with relevant rhymes on "What was Noah thinking?", "Pierre Trudeau, you rocked my world", and the like. (Perhaps I'm taking a bit of liberty with the titles, but it's important that you see what heart-rending works of literary accomplishment we're talking about here.)

I'm eating my sandwich. There are only two other associates left in the an older man reading the newspaper, and one a young highschool student without many clues to rub togehter. Scott begins reading aloud to me while I eat. First, there was the poem about Noah. Then, a 3 page diatribe about Trudeau's finest hour being the FLQ crisis. This was followed with a rather long talk with God about how if the author forgot to tell God how grateful he was for everything God does for him--be it while he's on the bus, in the car, riding in a train, travelling by boat, pedalling his bike--or even--(wait for it!) while he's walking--God should just know, now and for always, that the author is grateful. This was the piece-de-resistance. Scott's an excellent reader, with an incredible sense of timing and sarcasm. It was priceless.

What was the best part, was that the high-schooler began to panic, and quickly exited the room. I mercilessly mocked him while he read. And the old guy from the Hardware department listened in tently and complimented Scott's reading and presentation skills. It was the funniest thing I've experienced in a long, long time. And it reminded me why I love being where I am. I've missed working for a manager that I enjoy, both as a boss, and on a personal level.

We then discussed the FLQ crisis, religion in general, Mormonism, Catholicism, and Anglicanism in particular. We discussed the racetrack (we both like horse-racing) and how he and his wife saved up for the wedding on their gambling proceeds. *grin*

Anyway--great day. :) Any day that I get to laugh out loud, and that I get reminded about the good parts of being sentient, is a 5 star day for me. :)


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