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Sunday, August 28, 2005


It's another gorgeous day that I wasted most of. Amazing how I manage to do that, time and again.

I really need to keep my computer turned off when I'm not actively using it. It just takes so darned long to boot up!! But like television, I can manage to become engrossed in something inane and then not accomplish anything all day.

I did just read about the origins of the term 'umble-pie'--which is the real phrase, not 'humble-pie' as most people say these days. It's a pie made of entrails from deer, fit only for servants and those of inferior social standing to eat. The meaning is about the same, but the spelling is different. I, henceforth, shall use the correct (i.e. original) spelling. I'm a stickler for tradition.

Anyway. :) I just spent a lovely hour at the driving range. I am now about to attempt once again to change my headlight--it's one of those infuriating ones where you have to remove the entire glass piece in order to change the bulb part. One day I aspire to have a modern car again. :) For right now, though, I'm content to simply drive this one and not get arrested for my expired safety inspection.

After the attempt at DIY auto-repair, I will go to the park, yet again, for a long walk (need to get some exercise before the return to work tomorrow--boooo) and Pericles, Prince of Tyre. This will be my final Shakespeare of the week, nay, of the season. Partly because I'm going back to work (which I already mentioned), but mainly because it's the final performance of the season. So, even if I wanted to see more, I could not. Alas and alack, the evening draws nigh.

My computer keeps losing time. It says that it's 3:59, but it's really 4:35. And this means that I need to shake a tail-feather or I won't have time for the auto-repair. And goodness knows I've been putting it off long enough. It only took me a month to buy the lightbulbs (blinker is out too), and after I realized what a pain in the arse it was going to be to change them, they've only been riding around in the glove-box for about 5 weeks. I'm thinking it's time to change them now, before the weather turns cold and it snows again. :)

Later folks--perhaps I'll get you up to date on the pub crawl from yesterday evening.


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