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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Does anyone else remember that cartoon episode from Sesame Street? Where the ghuy is crawling through the desert and we all learned the Spanish word for water as a result? I loved that one. And I've never before felt the great relief that an oasis provides to those who are parched in the desert.

My plumber just FINALLY left. It is 9:30 pm. I began waiting for the plumber at 8:00 this morning, because it was the soonest that he could get here. Fine. Two days without water...not TOO terrible, as long as he gets here by noon.

Today was the NICEST day of my vacation. I spent it in my livingroom, with no water, waiting for the phone to ring. At 11:30 am I got a call from the landlord's wife saying that the plumber had called her earlier in the morning and said that he couldn't get here until the afternoon. I thanked her for her promptness in letting me know. Beyotch. So I wasted my morning.

As I said, it was 25* C and SUNNY. I was going to go to the driving range. I was planning to spend the day downtown. I had made lunch plans. Which I had to cancel. Partially because I was unwashed, and partially because I couldn't leave the house. Nor could i tie up the phone, in case the plumber called.

So...the plumber called at 3:15 and said he'd be here in about an hour. At 5:05 pm he arrived. 4.5 hours. Both he and my landlord arrived at the same time, waltzed in and out of my home, leaving mucky footprints everywhere, and pretty much acting as though I didn't exist. It was great. The plumber was much nicer to me than the guy I give a cheque for $750 every month.

Now I have cold water--which, don't get me wrong, is much better than what I did have. However, there will be not HOT water (or even agua of the lukewarm variety) for at least another 2 hours. Which means I'm Jonesin' for a shower SOOOOO bad. I'd be on my way to the gym to snag one, but I can't get there and get showevered before they close.

I couldn't even go and swim in the damn pool today (hot out, remember?) because I had to hang out at the hosue and wait for the damned phone.

Today is one of the VERY FEW occasions that I ALMOST could be convinced that a cell phone might be a good idea. That, and if I decide to become a bus commuter. If that happens, I may very well break down and give in. That way I can check bus schedules from the bus-stop. But I really hate the bus, and all the crazy freaky people that take the bus...since all the crazy people LOVE me like a lollipop (I was once licked on public transit). So I don't know how likely that is to transpire, no matter how much cash I can save.

So. If I boil the kettle enough times, I wonder if I can get enough hot water to wash my hair?

On the brighter side, I got email from Amy. She's coming to visit me or a week at the beginning of September. :) I'm very excited to see her. I'm so glad that my mom convinced her to come. I'm really glad that she'll be out here...I know it's wrong to want to keep an eye on her, since she's 30 and all, but I'm her big sister, and I have convinced myself that all she needs is encouragement and a keen eye of supervision. I'm always amazed by how easy we humans find it to trick ourselves into believing what we WANT to believe instead of what is more likely true. :)

Anyway, Amy's coming to visit, and that's what matters most. *bounce*


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