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Monday, August 22, 2005


That's what I've been--with regards to posting (among others!).

I was going to post about my Saturday--which was great. Then, I was going to postabout my Sunday, which was not too bad.

My Sunday was actually quite good, until just before I was going to settle down in front of hte computer for a little bit. I was on the phone with my mother (who was having dinner with my father at 9:00 at night!?!) when I stepped into the bathroom. Right into 2 inches of water. My $*@#ing hot water heater gave up the ghost last night. I did two loads of laundry yesterday afternoon, and everything was fine. Yet, at 10:00 pm, it was not.

I managed to turn off the water, and spent over an hour and a half mopping. I discovered this morning that the water had seeped through the shared wall and into the floor of my closet and bedroom. Thankfully I've gotten organized enough that the only thing on the closet floor was Rubbermaid totes filled with winter clothes, and a few empty suitcases.

The sad part is how much I HATE having to call my landlord. I need to, as I am currently without water--but having no water is not yet a huge inconvenience, and it's decidedly less inconvenience than having a stranger come into my house, tear apart my bathroom, and make a mess all over my floor.

How is that less inconvenient?! I really need to give my head a shake and be less anti-social. I just hate having to be at smoeone else's beck and call for home repairs. If it was my own house, I'd call a plumber and get it done. But since this will be a third-party repair job, it means that hte landlord will want to come in and look. Then he'll call a plumber to come in and look. Then they'll order a new tank, and get it delivered...then the plumber will come back. What's up with all this grief? How is this my problem? is. Stupid designed obsolescence.

Anyway...more later. After I finally call the landlord. Yes, it's 1:45 pm and I still haven't called. But now I need to. I want to wash the towels and mats I used to wipe up the water. And I need him to bring a ShopVac so that I don't get silverfish. *shudder*


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