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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Today being pay-day, I just paid some bills that I had to pay today. I have two more that must be paid in the next week or so.

I have come to the FLASHING NEON SIGN realization that I do not make enough money to support my 'lifestyle'. And I use the term 'lifestyle' loosely, as I don't have anything nearly as fancy as a 'lifestyle'. I have a bunch of humdrum days strung together with used packing tape.

Ah well...this too shall pass. If I don't get knee-capped first. :)

I went to see The Merchant of Venice last night, by Shakespeare by the Sea. It got moved indoors because the weather was not good, and even so, it was an excellent performance. I'm never disappointed by one of their shows. I'm
planning to see the 1:00 matinee tomorrow of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. How can I afford all this crazy theatre-going you may very well be asking yourselves? (I heard you--you muttered it under your breath) It's voluntary donation! :) Wheee :) Let's hear it for pay-what-you-can entertainment. There's not nearly enough of that out here on the east coast. There was TONS of it in Ottawa, but rarely do you come accross it out here. And right now, I can't afford to pay anything. So I get to go for free. :) Whee me. :)

Next summer, when I hope to be out from this monstrous burden of debt, I'll send them a nice fat cheque. right now, I don't have it, but neither am I feeling generous considering how rude that guy who was on the Board of Directors was to me last night. Not once, but three times AND he put a chair on my foot. When I pointed out that my foot was under the chair that he had reached in front of me to place in my personal space, he said "I know". Not, "Oh, I"m sorry" or "I didn't see that there" or even, "Oops!" He said "I know." Ignorant bugger.

My computer is so slow--it's been having seizures. I began this post about 3 hours ago. It can't do two things at once. I.e. it can't load a webpage and allow me to blog at the same time. It can't even idle with two web pages gets confused. So editing my blog is a real hassle. As is posting it, tonight.

I'm off to bed. I'm pooped!

Have a great day tomorrow--I'll be enjoying the 27* and sunny last two days of my vacation. If you want to catch Robin Hood with me, I'll be at the park at 1:00. I'll be the one with the glasses looking sheepish about not making a donation. :)


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