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Friday, September 02, 2005


Hey! I had a lurker! And now I don't....because she's a participant observer! Everyone wave to Betsy! ~~wave~~

I had not considered the idea that I might have lurkers. Which I should have, considering the number of blogs that I lurk myself. But I didn't, and it's quite frankly a strange feeling thinking about it now. I started this thing, because I craved the anonymity that only posting personal information on the internet can provide. Then, my best friend found me...because I was too dumb to cover my tracks. Now, I'm luring in stalkers (blog-stalkers--the hopefully harmless and innocuous kind--not the evil, murderous, avenging kind). Fascinating.

Anyway. If I had something interesting to say, perhaps I could understand it better.

We had a seminar at work today, it was a course on basic supervisory skills and attributes. I'd taken it before, and it was just as basic as it was the first time around. The good thing for me that it was a repeat, is that I got to look around the room and observe how other people reacted and absorbed the information. We were a very diverse group, coming from all different ethnic, economic, and educational backgrounds. Most of the people in the room had finished high school, but had very little or no post-secondary education.

It was astonishing to me (wow, it seems to be a day that I spent wandering around in amazement) how many people didn't realize that they, as the supervisor, set the tone for the department. They weren't aware that they could control the mood, the morale, and the results of their team. I can't comprehend that someone wouldn't just innately KNOW that stuff; or, upon learning that you CAN control these things and how to do it, they wouldn't leap at the chance. It comes very naturally to me, so sometimes I have a difficult time understanding WHY other people can't do something that will make their lives easier. ***[please don't think that I am not literally understanding this, it's just that periodically I'm boggled by how differently my brain works when compared to other people in my workplace peer-group]***

I am well aware of the different skill sets of various individuals, and that everyone needs to be 'managed' differently--I KNOW in my head that some people are just not good leaders. They are good *supervisors* but not good *leaders* There is an enormous difference.

Anyway. :) The seminar was interesting, and if nothing else, thought provoking.

My car wouldn't keep going tonight when I finally decided to leave work. I don't know quite why that is. I'm hoping it's just because it was so muggy, foggy and damp out. It really doesn't like damp weather. It died, and would not allow me to drive home. Hell, it wouldn't allow me to leave the parking lot! James brought me home and then came in for tea.

It was very nice to have a little chat with him that wasn't work related, but that didn't seem to put a huge strain on our work relationship. I guess we'll find out if he can really handle being friends tomorrow when I have to give him hell because his department looks like a bomb went off. :) He's so fickle that I really can't even hazard a guess.

Amy's coming on Saturday and I'm very excited. There's nothing much going on this weekend in terms of entertainment, because Lynn is headed Camping. I'm going to have to find something for Amy and I to do. I'm thinking the Lower Deck on Sunday night would be good, and I can invite Randy and some others from the store to come. No work on Monday is a sweet deal.

I need to get groceries tomorrow so that I have something to feed Amy over the weekend. I had forgotten about this little dilemma, as there is still no Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia. (I'm very much in favour of this, however it is quite a pain in the ass sometimes.)

Hopefully the car will be okay in the morning once it dries out. It couldn't have chosen a worse time to kick the bucket, if that is indeed what has happened. It never rains, but it pours. I'm in the straightest of financial straits at the moment--just at the point prior to things becoming dire. (which, by the way was a bizarre band back in the 80s) I definitely do NOT have the cash to be purchasing a new car, and I'm still working my ass off at paying hte existing debt, so the credit rating could use some help too. Bleh. :)

Oh well, this too shall pass. Hopefully the sun'll come out tomorrow, and you can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow...come what may...I'll turn over a new leaf, and find a cloud with a silver lining. (Okay, I"m all tapped out with the cliche-fest. Feel free to submit your own loosely strung together can of cliche. Because I care, I really do.)

*grin* Night folks :)


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    By Blogger Christine, At Fri Sep 02, 08:34:00 am  

  • When I started my blog, I immediately added a hit counter and tracker to it. I didn't like the idea of not knowing who was visiting my site. So now I can see exactly how many people come see my site each day (which can be a bit depressing) and for the most part, where they live (unless their IP address is located somewhere else). It's just nice to know. Check out It's free too!

    I also made my blog unsearchable on search engines and choose to not allow Blogger to use my web address in the little "Next Blog" button on the top of the page. I was getting people from all over the world randomly viewing my blog that way. I don't know. It creeped me out a bit. I don't care if people find me via other blogs that I go to (like you did) but I have a limit. Maybe I'm just slightly paranoid.

    And what's this about no shopping on Sundays in Nova Scotia? I usually only do my grocery shopping on Sundays. Wow!

    By Blogger Paige, At Fri Sep 02, 04:53:00 pm  

  • Hey! You added a stat counter! Cool! Now you'll know exactly how many lurkers you have...and you'll be able to lurk back!

    By Blogger Paige, At Mon Sep 05, 02:47:00 pm  

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