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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I'm cold. And I think it's just a taste of what's to come. Stupid winter.

I was just sitting here thinking how tired I am, and then I realized I was cold. Generally, the two go hand in hand, but I know that I am *more* cold than I am tired.. That is all.

Paige is getting a new haircut. I'm growing mine out. I think we're going to actually meet up with the same haircut around photo #4. if you'd like to go and have a look for yourself. She's quite a lovely gal for a complete stranger. :) (That's not to say that she's completely strnage--perhaps a little, but I need to reserve judgement until I've actually met her myself. Stalking her online doesn't quite count.)

One of these days, I'll hook up some links over there ---> on the side and you can just go look for yourself at all the cool places I travel every day. I have some seriously interesting reading going on. So much so, in fact, that it quite often uses up all my time and energy and I have nothing left with which to blog myself. I come back all read out and spent. That, and I see that there are so many talented people out there with fascinating lives that I wonder about wasting hte bandwidth. *Grin* And then I say, 'fuck it' and do it anyway. If you don't like it, you won't read it.

I worked 14 hours today, and we have a store inspection visit tomorrow, so I'm going to have a very long day off working at the store. Bleh. I'm hoping that the firing will take a long time tomorrow, and there won't be time for an inspection. Although the firee called in sick today, so if he doesn't show up again tomorrow, the visit will be LOOOOOONG and nit-picky for me. Here's hoping for a sacrificial lamb. (the firee has no idea this is coming, as there are only 4 of us in the store that are aware it is happening--unless he reads my blog and was able to identify himself from my highly-flattering comments yesterday. In that case--woopsie!)

I seem to be rather fond of ellipses today. That doesn't look right, it is likely spelled wrong. If I am lucky, I"ll be able to hit 'create post' without running for my dictionary. However, I am likely not so lucky as to become suddenly unconcerned and less than anal in such a short period of time. Wow. I was right. I just delved into my stack of unopened boxes to find my dictionary. I spelled ellipse correctly the first time. It just looked goofy in plural form. I'm such a freaking nerd.

Okay, on that nerdy note, I will leave you with the lovely website that follows. I quite enjoy the puzzle of the day when I can find a computer fast enough to play them.


  • our ceramic floors have been cold in the mornings and i have taken to wearing blazers to work, which are incredibly uncomfortable at 1pm when the earth has warmed.

    i love autumn.

    By Blogger Christine, At Wed Sep 21, 08:30:00 am  

  • Well thanks for the compliments... except for the strange part! ;) Still haven't made a decision on the hair. Might just have to go in and wing it. Tell her to surprise me.

    Good luck with your long day at work!

    By Blogger Paige, At Wed Sep 21, 12:21:00 pm  

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