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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Gift Registry

Some people came in tonight to register in our Wedding Registry. Which got me thinking. If any of you would ever like to buy me a gift, you can get me one of these. I think I'd really appreciate it. And I'd appreciate it so much more if it came from a complete stranger who wanted nothing more than to make me happy with socks.

Wow, I inserted a hyperlink for the first time. I always wanted to know how to do that, and it's WAY easier than I anticipated. I thought I"d have to learn code or something. I just pushed some buttons instead. God bless the coders for making my online babbling so simple.

Elephants may never forget, but there's a lot of stuff that I can't seem to remember. Like to pay my stupid internet bill. You'd think that since I use it all the time it would be easy. But it's not.

They don't send me my bill electronically--which would facilitate me seeing it in my mailbox all the time. They mail me a bill, but they choose to do so only after I haven't paid it for a couple of months. I set up the payment as an automatic debit from my bank account, but I"ve been playing with my banking so much over the last couple of months that I apparently cancelled my net payment. Oops. So I got a copy of my invoice today, and then promptly paid it in full. But these lewzers could make my life so much easier just by billing me promptly. Jerkasses.

Work was long. This was my third 14 hour day this week, and one of them took place on my day off. It's fine. But I"m pooped. Today was actually quite good though...The HR director for our company was in my store today. It was quite a fluke, actually. But I took an opportunity.

She's new to her position--I knew her when I worked at head office, and have known her for a few years through other functions in the company. But I didn't know how little the previous guy had told her. So I said "I don't know how much Brian told you about things when he left, but I want to make sure that you know where I stand. I want a store. " She was surprised. She said she had no idea (and I actually believed her) and asked if I would move. I suggested that I'd move to Timbuktu if it got me what I wanted. (For those of you keeping track at home, I've worked in 4 locations in the last year--7 in the last 3 years.)

I actually brought up to her the point that I knew being a woman would work against me, but that I wanted a store more than a baby, and that my focus right now is my career. She was very receptive, and seemed genuinely surprised. She said she'd remind the CEO and that I'd hear from her in the future. She pointed out taht there were currently no openings--I suggested that I was aware that there may not be any for some time, but that I also knew one could come up tomorrow. I suggested again that I was prepared to do whatever it takes--"I want a store, I have always wanted a store--even when I worked at the office. My focus has not changed, my goal has always been a store, and I don't anticipate that changing any time soon."

I felt very good about the whole encounter--because at least now the cards are on the table. But she was also receptive, and quite assuring. So...we shall see.

Anyway--I'm exhausted and must sleep.


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