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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Computer death--and taxes

My computer had a seizure last night. I had more to say, but it decided I was through after my Ode to Mary-Lou (welcome back, CBC!)

I couldn't post, as when I hit send, it started thinking--then got stuck. My computer thought about posting all night, and when I checked on it this morning before work, it was still thinking. It was even making those little grinding thinking noises. Tonight, I decided that enough was enough, and hit the power button. After checking all of its various bits and pieces, the computer has decided that, for now at least, it is again healthy and happy and ready to work. I am very happy. I cannot imagine living without it, and I can't begin to consider a replacement. Kinda like a bad relationship, that way *Grin*

So...anyone have any good ideas as to what creative uses one can find for snot? Seriously--I've got a nose full of snot and nothing to do with it. It seems kinda wasteful to just keep depositing it in all these tissues and then tossing them summarily into the trash. Alternately, anybody want a cold? Day 6 and counting. Bleh.

So last night my mom called. We chatted, she sounded sad but didn't mention my dad. Then right after I hung up, my dad called. He sounded perky.

Mum seems to be concerned about making ends meet; and although she's always been concerned about that, her stress seemed more intense last night. I'm not sure if I was projecting or if I really felt it. I had been working on my finances when she called.

My dad, on the other hand, has realized that his apartment is his new home and he should learn to settle in. The 'fun' of having a playhouse has worn off, and the work of day-to-day upkeep is beginning to settle in. He actually said to me that he had thought before that he would eventually be moving 'back to the farm' but that it seems to be evident that repatriation will not ever happen. (get it? Repatriation? Aren't I clever? Dammit--give me some type-A feedback!)

It was interesting. Dad's taking ballroom lessons, but he doesn't want me to tell anyone because he's afraid they'll be upset if they know he's having fun. Okay, so he didn't say that was WHY--but he did ask that I not share the joy. I am extrapolating that his reason is to garner as much sympathy as possible from the rest of my family.

Another interesting thing my dad told me--he had Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's. I had anticipated that happening, but as both my sister and my mother told me about dinner and the conversations that took place--and NEITHER one mentioned his presence--I assumed my mom had gotten a spine, or my dad had forgotten it was a holiday. To each their matter how odd it is. Unless, of course, dad's really lost it altogether, and he imagined the whole event. Hell, we've had the same meal give or take a vegetable for the last 35 years, I could tell you what happened at dinner--and I was 4 provinces away!

I was working on the budget yesterday. Things are starting to not look quite as bleak. I think I mentioned that I payed off one major millstone on Friday. Now it's just unknitting this hair-shirt one stitch at a time, and we're homefree! And 7 years from now, my credit-rating may once again be blemish-free. This is where a lack of organization adn attention to detail will get you, boys and girls. Stressville. Povertytown. Not to mention the Borough of Embarrassed-to-Admit-Your-Own-Weaknesses-and-Fallibility. But take heart! Perseverence wins out over all!

Tonight I was working on back-taxes. The government owes me cash, I just need to point it out to them. I got my GST credit from 1999 in the mail the other day. I'm looking forward to 2000 and hopefully, I'll be able to submit another 2 years worth this week--and I'll get more cash in a few weeks! :) Wheee for me.

Why is it that people feel more comfortable talking abut sex than they do cash-flow? I know *I* certainly do. I'd rather discuss activities, proclivities, absurdities, and perversities than my RRSP and my credit card balances!

It's odd. And because people don't talk about it--particularly growing up (most families I know, anyway)--kids grow up with no money-management skills.

What's incredibly funny is that I'm a whiz with corporate cash. I can handle dollars in the millions without a blink. I can increase revenues, decrease expenses, account for every last cent. But if you ask me what I did with the $20 bill in my wallet this morning? Forget about it.

My throat is sooo sore. I tried hot lemon and honey earlier. I found the green tea more effective though, so I've skipped over to that. My tastebuds are shot, so nothing sounds appetizing to me. I bought a pre-cooked chicken on sale at the grocery tonight, so that I wouldn't have to think about making anything.

Did anybody else see the crock-pot in the Wal-Mart flyer for $7.97? I'm going to go and try to buy one tomorrow. I've been wanting one, and hell, eight bucks? Why wait for Christmas! I think it's gotta be a typo though. They couldn't get the kids to make one that cheap--what with the cost of starvation rations these days?! We shall see.

Guess that's enough raving for one night. Happy tomorrow, folks. And happy last day of the week for all you office-types. :P (<--Envy--it isn't pretty.)


  • for the sore throat and minor cold symptoms, try tea with ginger. it doesn't taste very good, but it REALLY works. sean ( gave me that tip.

    as for money: why not start thinking of yourself as a huge corporation heading towards chapter 11 and see what you can do to get the company back on steady financial ground?

    if you want, i can help you? i'm pretty good with finances. (bob says i'm cheap, but hey.. in four years i've helped him pay down his substantial first-marriage debt, we have equity in this house, and i can get a coffee every morning on the way to work. life is good!)


    By Blogger Christine, At Sat Oct 15, 08:42:00 am  

  • Hey I was just about to suggest tea and ginger but Chrissy beat me too it!

    Last night I felt a sore throat coming on and had the ginger tea (one cup of tea with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of baking ginger). In addition, I ate a few pickled hot banana pepper rings before bed. The throat's fine today :) The ginger tea is great for nipping a cold in the bud. It may be tougher for you because your cold is dug in.

    After last winter, I swear by the ginger tea! A Caribbean lady told me about it last year. The pepper rings were my idea though! Hope you feel better.

    By Blogger Sean, At Sun Oct 16, 11:13:00 pm  

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