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Saturday, February 04, 2006

We're off to pay the Visa.. \


Sorry I've been AWOL folks--this renovation at work is kicking my ass in a major way. I've been working 6:30am to 8 or 9 pm every day for a week. Today has been my first day off, and it'll be my last for another two weeks. I spent most of it sleeping.

Is that why you're off to pay the Visa? Because you've been working too much? Not really, but good guess. Bear with me, I'll fill you in eventually.

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had any time to cook. I even did something this week that I've never done in my whole adult life. I went to get groceries on Wednesday night, and I bought nothing but precooked foods. I bought a precooked roast. I bought precooked chicken in sauce. I bought precooked lasagna. I even bought pre-cooked potatoes. The ultimate in lazy. But it means I don't eat a family-sized bag of Salt and Vinegar chips for dinner. It means that I get to eat something that actually resembles food--as it only takes 10 minutes in the microwave and I have what passes for a home-cooked meal.

I have to say, this has actually been a worthwhile endeavour too. The food? She be good. Far too expensive to feed to a family, but convenient and delicious enough to feed a single or a couple. The roast was enough for me to get 4 good sized meals out of (and I'm a MAJOR carnivore). It came with gravy, which, while far too salty, was quite delicious. Next time, I'd cook it in the oven and put a raw potato in the pan. That will suck out most of the salt and give me an extra potato too.

What does this have to do with your VISA? Patience, people.

So..A quick rundown of my days--since I haven't been here in person to bore you with them.

5:00 am - wake up, shower, putter, frig around, leave house by 6:00 to catch ride to work
6:30 am - arrive at work. Begin planning days destruction and construction.
7:00 am - rest of motley renovation crew arrives, I pass out jobs, direct traffic, and destruction begins
5:00 to 6:30 pm - crew finishes up individual projects and head out for the day
6:30 - I begin assessing the days progress and start to plan for tomorrow and the rest of the week
8:00 pm - I begin to tire in a serious way. I finish up what I'm doing, ensure that every crew member has gone home, and if at all possible I cadge a ride home. If not, I go to wait at the bus-stop for the commencement of my 1.5 hour trip home.
9:30 pm - I scrounge through the kitchen looking for something edible. If there's nothing already cooked (and there isn't) I eat the bag of chips that I picked up while waiting for the bus.
10:30 pm - I am sufficiently wound down to go to bed. But I generally stay up and watch CSI reruns until midnight.
12:00 am - I go to bed so I can wake up at 5:00 am and start over.

So as you can see, I'm pooped. And two days of the week I must work until 9:30 or 9:45 pm because I still have to do my regular duties at the store. I'm exhausted, for lack of another adjective that means 'really, really, tired'.

That's all well and good, Sadie--but what about the title? What does it mean?

Alright already! Stop with the questions about the title! I get it already, you want to know why, and more importantly HOW I'm off to pay the Visa. I'll tell you--just hold your horses.

So...remember I mentioned a while ago that I was going to get together with the guy I met on the plane back to Halifax after Christmas? Well, if you don't--I'll refresh you. There was this guy, he was sitting next to me on the plane. He lives in Halifax. We exchanged numbers. He called me. Now you're up to date.

Anyway, we agreed to meet up and do something. I was feeling weird about it, because he's not really 'my type' and I felt a little bit bad about making a date with a guy I knew I'd never DATE. But. :)

We met for coffee today, and while I don't have a new boyfriend--I'm getting a room-mate!

Domenic needs a place to be--he moved back to Canada from Australia about 4 months ago and started working at my favourite restaurant. He had flown back to Toronto to visit family over Christmas, and was returning to work. He's been living in a rooming house (creepy!) ever since, because he wasn't sure what was going on with work, and if he'd be staying at the Bedford location or moving into town to work in Halifax-proper. He's staying in Bedford, and wants to live closer to work. But it's expensive here to live by yourself--don't I know that!

So...we met up, and I like him okay. And he likes me okay. And he'll smoke on the balcony. And not in the apartment. And have I mentioned that he'll be paying me for the privilege? He'll be coughing up $450 a month to the general revenues? Have I mentioned that that is almost the entire monthly payment on the purchase of a brand-new fully-oaded 4-door navy-blue VW Jetta? Or a hella beer? Whichever--I'm not picky. And the absolute best part?

Even better than the rent, which I have to say is an ENORMOUS load off my mind, is the fact that...


He suggested that I will likely gain a few pounds, as it's not possible to live with an Italian chef and not gain weight. That's a sacrifice I'm prepared to make at this juncture. Wheee!! And did I mention the additional $450/ month? Yeh...I'm stoked.

And I'll be well-fed. And rich.


Now I have to clean out my 'spare' room. I have to relocate my computer, and all my spare boxes full of crap. I have to work with a deadline for my purging instead of puttering away at it like I have been.

And I have to do it while I'm working 14 hour days. Argh.

Oh well--it'll be worth it, as I will be rich. If only I could get rich first, then I could pay someone to do it for me!

I'm off to tackle my Clutter-Monster. (So big, it deserves capital letters!)

I'll try and be here more regularly--I really miss blogging when I don't get to do it.


  • Benefits of paying off the visa... thousands of dollars.

    Pleasure of driving a Jetta.. 450/month..

    Joy of living with an Italian chef... priceless.

    By Blogger Christine, At Sun Feb 05, 09:25:00 pm  

  • ROFL @ Christine's comment...
    and very true!!!
    'nuff said...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Mon Feb 06, 08:44:00 am  

  • Congrats on the roomie...but please, please DON'T buy a Jetta! Fun, fun, car, but utterly unreliable. We spent ~$3000 on repairs for ours for its first few years of existing before we finally got rid of it. Try Japanese :)

    By Blogger Misha, At Mon Feb 06, 10:11:00 am  

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