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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Have I been a busy girl, or what?!


I’ve been out a fair bit.  Met some new boys.  Been out on a couple of dates (IC1, B1).  Watched the sun rise at the park with a stranger(B2).  Set up a second date(B1).  (WOW!!! Never was starting to think that would never happen!) Watched the Oilers lose the cup with the sunrise boy (B2).  Smooched like a demon with a hot-hot-hot-hot boy (B2).  Did I mention how HOT he is? *Grin*


Anyway. J  I’ve been busy.


I bought a car…I love it.  It’s a sexy looking car…it’s shiny black, with tinted rear windows.  It’s FAST.  It makes me happy, happy, happy.  I’m mobile again and I’m loving it.  I have been driving anyone and everyone home from work, because Karma is important.


I gave away my bus tickets to the neediest boy I know…he offered me some money, because they were worth about $30.  I refused, because it was Car-ma. J  He’s a great kid, and it was good to be able to help a bit.


Have I mentioned how much I love my car?  She’s a sexy beast…but the race is on to find her a name.  She needs a sexy name…but one that I’m not embarrassed to actually tell people or say out loud. I’ve considered Vivien, so she could be Viv…but it’s not hot enough.  I also briefly considered Eve, because she was nothing but trouble at the beginning. ;) 


I have to confess, I’ve still been stalking you folks.  But I’ve been chatting a lot, and have therefore not had a lot of time to blog.  I’ve been feeling really guilty about it…but have still been focussed on chatting real-time with the new folks.


How did I meet these new folks?  I have another confession.  I broke down.  I caved to Tamara’s pressures and signed up for Plenty of Fish.  I’m not even sure why I did it, but I did.  Except that I’m a coward, so I’ve just been chatting a lot.  And as I have no photos of myself online (thankfully) I haven’t had to come up with the nerve to post one. J  Luckily, I’m a smart, sassy and attractive individual and still get the attention I deserve/covet. *snicker*


Anyway.  I met one boy for coffee…he was nice, but kinda icky.  Even though I’d seen his photo…I was made painfully aware of how deceiving a photograph can be.  That’s when I decided to rethink the whole concept.


But at this point, I’d met a bunch of people that I was really enjoying chatting with.  I’m still enjoying chatting with them.  I made a date for ice cream with one boy (IC1).  He is really quite nice, we are incredibly compatible intellectually…we have the same wacked out sense of humour.  But.  I was late getting to the mall because of evil rainstorms.  Which worked out okay, as it turns out.  I got an ice cream, and stalked him through the mall.  I had the advantage of having seen a really fuzzy photo.  I have to confess, that I was lured in by the fact that he’s 6’4”.  I am still obsessed with tall men, and likely will be for the rest of my life. J  Stupid Jesus-boy! 


So I stalked him around the mall…and I know I’m shallow.  I admit it.  Once I got close enough to see him (I was pretty sure it was him, anyway) I saw that he had on ratty jeans and a camouflage tshirt.  I’m not big into Camo.  Particularly as date-wear, even if it’s just an ice cream date.  So I kinda didn’t approach him and say hello.  I know…I’m evil.


Okay….all hell just broke loose in the store, I have to dash.  I’ll do my best to finish this when I get home tonight.  Cheers, poppets.



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